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        When the Seal was triggered, the force of Runestones suppressed the power of Odin. As he was trapped, he regained a rare moment of lucidity. At the moment he opened his eyes, he saw a scythe and a pair of scissors pointing at him, Odin realized that the Seal was completed. “Thank you.” he said, flooded by all sorts of emotions.

        The owner of the scythe seemed to be enraged by his words, that she withdrew her scythe with her trembling hands. The scissors, however, went closer, leaning against his neck.

        “Shall I kill you?” The violet light of the Seal blocked Odin from seeing Skuld’s face, yet he could still hear her voice, in the same tone as usual.

        “No. I’d like to stay rational.”

        “Do you think you can?”

        “At least I’m not willing to give up now and become a mere deceased soul in the armor.”

        “Odin, you do not have to do this.” Odin finally heard the reluctance in her words. He realized what she had been enduring and what she had given up to be qualified to wield the scissors. “Do you know what lies ahead of you?” Skuld asked.

        “I do. As Mimir and you have mentioned.” Odin benevolently replied before he lost his entire sanity, “I will be imprisoned in the Tower forever, to be condemned by all spirits.”

        The Gods had sealed the Tower. Odin replicated their ritual to seal the Dragon of Poison, as well as himself, right before he crossed the borderline of rationality. Entrusted by Odin, Skuld and her sisters sealed him inside the Tower before he lost control. Skuld was enlightened by Odin’s act. She used to judge according to the code and Mimir’s teachings. But the story of Odin inspired her that no matter it is the beginning or the end of something, someone must sacrifice and make the decisions, like how her father spared no efforts in educating people. The lines her father drew in the code were not to be followed, but to be trimmed, creating proper fate for the realms. Skuld accepted Odin’s request, putting herself into the armor of Valkyrie and relieving him from his insanity when the horn was blown, in hope that it would be the beginning of peace, and the end of all wars.

        “The web of changes is weaved with the threads of fates. Its beginning and end are determined by all spirits of the realms.” In order to sort the threads of fate, Skuld appeared on various battlefields, weaving the fate of all creatures.