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        Gondul kissed the crown on the scepter with her red lips. When her lips left the crown, blood-red wine immediately filled the crown. Gondul gestured for the emperor to swear by the sacred wine.

        The emperor knelt down and received the crown with his mouth open. The wine was warm with neither smell nor taste, but upon reaching the emperor’s tongue, a bright light immediately flashed through his mind—

        All the promises he made to Odin suddenly vanished. The only thing he saw was a black shadow among the bright light. The shadow, with long bright hair, laid her chin on the sceptre and confidently said:
        “Abandon the North, forget about Odin and sacrifice for me!”

        The emperor opened his eyes as wide as he could, but no matter how hard he tried, he failed to clearly see the shadow. At that moment, he had already abandoned all his believes and decided to follow the only one command he had received.

        And so another emperor became Gondul's follower...

        At the beginning, every emperor regarded Gondul as Odin’s representative, and that was why they were willing to kiss her sceptre and accept her order. However, Gondul had obtained the "sacred wine," which causes emperors to forget their beliefs, on the crown.

        Now, several big kingdoms in the North had swore allegiance to themselves to Gondul, which caused severe wars within these kingdoms…

        In order to harvest more food, Gondul ordered the largest wheat producing kingdom to increase their production. The emperor of this kingdom therefore required the farmers to work day and night. However, no matter how diligently the farmers worked, they hardly had enough food for themselves. Thus, people in this kingdom started a revolution; they defeated the soldiers quickly and occupied the castle. The emperor’s head was soon found hanging on the city wall. Upon hearing this news, Gondul was shocked. Unable to find another emperor, Gondul decided to appoint the kingdom with the strongest army to take care of the issue…

        “Handle these troublemakers! If you succeed...” Gondul stood up from the throne and said: “Then you will be the new emperor of that kingdom!”

        “The new emperor? Really?”

        “All you need to do is obey your pledge and remember who your benefactor is.” Gondul yawned. She didn’t care who the emperor was as long as they were her follower.

        “Thank you so much, master Gondul!” The king could not conceal his excitement. He immediately set off to attack the “wheat kingdom.” After a few days, the king successfully occupied the wheat kingdom and took the throne. However, his ambition gradually extended...

        On the other side, Gondul laid lazily in her warm bed despite of the uprising wars among kingdoms. She believed that all the chaos was simply wars among kingdoms and there was no way she would be involved—

        Suddenly, Gondul felt frustrated. She was a valkyrie with strong powers. There was delicious food and wine, and priceless treasures and gold in front of her, but she felt empty and vacant.

        The sun shone on her bed. Voiced were mixed in the quiet air…

        The people were calling for someone…

        Gondul heard her name.

        She immediately sat up, dressed herself, held her sceptre and opened the door. A guard's corpse suddenly fell down on her.

        “Dirty!” Gondul pushed the corpse a away, only to see her breasts tainted with blood, and corpses were everywhere on the floor…

        Suddenly, a sword struck at her. Gondul blocked it with her sceptre. The assassin looked familiar…

        “Do you still remember me? I was a crown prince and you relieved me!” Resentment filled his mind, but his eyes were still clear.

        “How dare you betray Master Odin?” Gondul defended with all her might, but the sword had already struck her heart.

        She screamed for help but all she got was a crowd of regular people with weapons in their hands, glaring at her while screaming:
        “You cold-blooded witch! All you brought was endless wars!”
        “My son died because of the wars you started!”
        “Our kingdom was occupied by a brutal emperor! Did you know that?!”
        People’s scorn was swallowing her energy, power and life…
        With a crash, Gongul’s sceptre was broken.

        “Drink this to end your life.” The crown prince handed a silver glass to Gongul, who was tied up tightly on the floor. The glass was filled with blood-red wine.

        “How dare you? I am a valkyrie, Master Odin's delegate!”

        “But you threw the North into turmoil. You betrayed Master Odin and the Northern Alliance!”

        When the army kingdom occupied the wheat kingdom under Gongul’s orders, the other emperors who followed Gongul began to scheme about annexing their neighboring kingdoms. During this month, Emperors continuously started wars and all they wanted was to overthrow the other emperors so that their own kingdoms could expand…

        The prince ordered people to pry Gongul’s mouth open and pour the poisonous wine down her throat.

        The wine was so sour that it twisted Gongul’s throat.

        She coughed and bled until the smell of blood engulfed her body. However, she suddenly remembered the sacred wine Odin gave her. It was sweet but pretty weird…

        “Gongul, I knew everything, but I still chose you. Do you know why?”

        “...Now...I know...” Gongul laughed and died in the pool of blood. She finally understood—
        She was merely Odin’s sacrifice. Her death will hold the Northern Alliance together...