You can participate in the lucky draw by completing each of the following tasks, with a maximum of 3 draws per day:

  1. Login
  2. Consume 5 Vigor (Arena)
  3. Complete a stage in Black Hole
  4. Draw from any Diamond Seal
  5. Level-up a monster

The Slot Machine can be found at "Community" --> "Slot Machine" or you can access it by tapping on your Ally at the top of the main screen and select "Slot Machine" from there.


SA09 SA09 SA09 Diamond x5
SA07 SA07 SA07 Diamond x1
SA08 SA08 SA08 292i x1
SA08 SA08 SA00 617i x2
SA01 SA01 SA01 744i x1
SA02 SA02 SA02 672i x1
SA03 SA03 SA03 879i x1
SA04 SA04 SA04 518i x1
SA05 SA05 SA05 619i x1
SA01 SA02 SA03 426i 427i 428i x1
SA04 SA05 SA09 291i 398i x1
SA01 SA01 SA00 280i x3
SA02 SA02 SA00 281i x3
SA03 SA03 SA00 282i x3
SA04 SA04 SA00 283i x3
SA05 SA05 SA00 284i x3
SA06 SA06 SA06 Key x10
SA06 SA06 SA00 Coin 2 hours coin reward x1.5
SA07 SA07 SA00 2 hours EXP reward x1.5
SA09 SA09 SA00 15 minutes guaranteed "Brilliant x1.5" or
"Perfect x2" Level up results
SA00 SA00 SA00 Coin x50,000

Time Limited RewardsEdit

SA07-1 SA07-1 SA07-1
(SA07-1 replaces SA07 during the event)
6080i (outfit only) Available during the Surpass Oneself stage and can only be awarded once
SA06-1 SA06-1 SA06-1
(SA06-1 replaces SA06 during the event)
Coin x555,555 5th Anniversary reward, 25 Dec - 31 Dec 2017
426i 427i 428i 398i 291i x1 5th Anniversary reward, 1 Jan - 7 Jan 2018 and 29 Jan - 4 Feb 2018
617i x5 5th Anniversary reward, 8 Jan - 14 Jan 2018 and 5 Feb - 11 Feb 2018
Soul x555 5th Anniversary reward, 15 Jan - 28 Jan 2018
1589i x1 (first draw only) 5th Anniversary reward, 27 Jan - 4 Mar 2018
Coin x1,000,000 5th Anniversary reward, 12 Feb - 18 Feb 2018
FriendPoint x5,000 5th Anniversary reward, 19 Feb - 25 Feb 2018
5th Anniversary reward, 26 Feb - 4 Mar 2018
Key x15 5th Anniversary reward, 5 Mar - 11 Mar 2018
SA06-2 SA06-2 SA06-2
(SA06-2 replaces SA06 during the event)
FriendPoint x6,666 6th Anniversary reward, 3 Jan - 6 Jan 2019
Coin x6,666 6th Anniversary reward, 7 Jan - 13 Jan 2019
SA06-2 SA06-2 SA00
(SA06-2 replaces SA06 during the event)
Coin 2 hours coin reward x1.5 6th Anniversary reward, 7 Jan 2019 - TBA
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