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        Fate had made Bull King become the potentate in his territory, marry Rakshasa and have a child called Red Boy. He had been expanding his own territory until one day when Bull King passed by a battlefield in the human world. The scene of a corpse rotten in an armor suddenly reminded him of the past, the time when he was still a cow protecting his master. Since then, he had been questioning his purpose of fighting.

        “With master’s gone, what’s the purpose after all these fights and battles?”

        “I guess I can only find the answer by fighting non-stop.”

        So he left his kingdom to roam the realm of humans. The more Xians and elves he had killed, the more potential enemies he had gotten himself. One day, when he was walking down the woods, sudden footsteps alerted him.

        “You’re the one who killed my brother! Die!” This sentence acted like a sign, signalling all the elves to attack at once.

        “Humph, only if you can!” The dauntless Bull King bashed at the leading enemy, bumping away the demons stood in his way.

        When the leader raised its claws, Bull King's war hammer had already arrived in front of his face. Next second, the leader was knocked out. As the leader got defeated, all the other minions fled immediately.

        “Why am I feeling lonely even after the victory...Damn it! I thought battles would lead me to the answer, yet I don’t understand!”

        When Bull King was in deep frustration, Clairvoyant who had been following behind said anxiously, “your Majesty...has gone to crap! Demons are coming!”

        “Darn you! YOU have gone to crap! How many times have I told you to mind your words!”

        “Your Majesty, hundred thousands of demons are invading your land!”

        “What? Crap!” Although he was in search of the meaning of fighting, his home was always on his mind, which was why he had brought Clairvoyant with him.

        Bull King had no choice but to ride on his mystical-eyed mount made by Red Boy, putting away the frustration. When he arrived at his territory after a night of restless journey, the war had already begun. Even sounds of killing could be heard from miles.

        “Elves! Take them down!” Wearing the same helmet, Red Boy was commanding the elves with a long wrench on a smaller mechanical bull. Then he spanked his ride, thrusting into the swamp of enemies.

        “Standing at the frontline fearlessly, that’s my boy!” Bull King was always proud of his son.

        However, lacking solid experience made Red Boy vulnerable. Very soon, he was cornered by the demons, which were attempting to pull him down from his ride. Unable to move quick, all he could do was merely fending off the incoming enemies with his wrench.

        “Son, I’m back!”

        When Red Boy looked back, he saw the authentic Great Sage barging into the crowd of enemies.

        “Fall back!” The demon commander ordered, hopping on his ride to flee as quickly as possible. It didn’t take Bull King long to locate their position by the commander’s loud voice.

        “Elves! Crush them!”

        With a shout, Bull King stormed into the deepest of the enemies, all the way to the demon commander. The mystical-eyed mount was tailor-made specifically for Bull King, becoming a perfect match on the battlefield. No demon was able to stand in his way. In a flash, he had already caught up with the demon commander.

        “Eat my hammer!” Bull King utilized the maximum effort, bashing the enemy at the head.

        Knowing that he had nowhere to dodge, the demon commander took a shot in the dark and raised his arm to defend; yet Bull King crushed his last defense and killed him directly.

        “Elves and Beast! Spare no enemy!”

        “ROARRRRRRR——” The death of the enemy commander raised the morale of the elves. All of them then slaughtered the rest of the invaders in cheers.

        Later on, they threw a feast to celebrate their victory, where all the elves were dancing with joy.

        “Father, I know you’d come back,” said Red Boy.

        As their gazes crossed each other, Bull King remained silent but just raising his fist. On the other hand, Red Boy also raised his fist to make a fist bump with Bull King. At this moment, no words were needed to express the bonding between father and son.

        “Why am I so contented right now? The feelings of two victories are drastically different…”

        Looking at Red Boy and the rest of the joyful elves, Bull King finally had the answer.

        “I get it now. My satisfaction doesn’t come from winning the fight, but protecting what I treasure...Master...Now that I have something worthy to protect, I won’t be constrained by the past anymore!”

        Bull King finally sought the inner relief, patting Red Boy shoulder with a smile.