“Tezcatlipoca is a monster who brings about disasters. Hundreds of years ago, it ran amok and radically affected people’s lives. The only reason why the realm is now peaceful is because our God sealed him in a smoking mirror.” All the country’s people listened to this story when they were growing up and hence, a religion based on the smoking mirror was well established. The mirror was passed down to every generation of the royal family, and it was placed in the temple of mirror for people to worship it.

        “We earnestly beg Your Majesty to reconsider!” All officials kneeled before their new king.

        The king flipped his wrist to signal them to stop begging: “Still enthralled by that nonsense tale after these many years, huh? And every day, you people go to the temple and worship that ragged mirror! Idiots!”

        “With all due respect, Your Majesty, it is not just a tale, it is also a traditional religion that has been in our country for hundreds of years. It is because we are blessed by our God’s smoking mirror that our country can prosper.”

        “I do not need some old mirror to make this country prosper! If the people have enough money and food to worship that mirror, maybe they should pay more tax and contribute more to the country!” The new king glared angrily at the officials: “I now order you. Take down the temple of mirror!”

        Surrounded by pleading voices of the people, the soldiers loyally carried out the king’s order. Acting contrarily to their own principles, the soldiers were actually trembling and their mouths murmured words that asked for their God’s mercy. When they progressed to the altar where the smoking mirror had been for years, the mirror suddenly turned into smoke and disappeared like its name suggested, prompting the people to panic and hurriedly kneel in worship, hoping for their God’s forgiveness.

        “It’s already the rainy season, but we haven’t seen a drop of rain!” “A lot of our wells have dried up. If we don’t have enough water for our crops, how will we get through the winter?” “If we don’t have water, nevermind the crops, we don’t even know if we can make it through the summer!” “It’s all the king’s fault! All of this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t taken down the temple!”

        “Doctor! Please save my son. He’s our only son!” “Sir, the disease has almost infected the entire country. I have used up all of my medicine...there is really nothing I can do to help.” “It’s all that crazy king’s fault! This disease only appeared after he destroyed the temple!”

        “Hurry and pack your things. The country nearby is going to attack us!” “They’re going to attack a country that’s plagued with disease and has no water? Is that king also out of his mind?” “Who cares! Just let those two insane people fight each other. Why did he have to take down the temple of mirror? It’s the cause of these incessant disasters!”

        Just as depicted in the tale, disasters began to occur right after the country lost its temple and the blessing of the smoking mirror. The new king was swarmed by his subjects’ admonishment every day and his officials gradually left the palace. Only the king and a few people stayed in the desolated center of power.

        The new king paced up and down the chamber, contemplating a method of how to deal with the disastrous situation when a cloud of dark purple smoke suddenly drifted in, rendering the sunlit chamber overly dim. The smoke began to thicken and converge toward its center like a vortex. When the smoke finally disappeared, what was left behind was actually the long vanished smoking mirror!

        The surface of the mirror did not reflect any light and instead emitted infinite smoke, which then corporealized into a creature with multiple heads with hands that held peculiar worshipping tools.

        “T...Tez...catli...poca...” Mind rendered unclear from the shocking scene, the new king stammered the name of the creature.

        Upon hearing the king’s words, Tezcatlipoca playfully wrapped its body of smoke around the king. Its head with a long tongue sticking out of its mouth closed in to the king’s face. It said with a coarse voice, ‘Thank you for tearing down the temple and releasing me. What do you think about my thank you “gifts”? Hahaha...’

        Tezcatlipoca was an ominous mirror who brought about disasters and signified chaos. Wherever it existed, disasters would befall the place. The baleful mirror only acted to its will. It would never pledge loyalty to anyone, nor would it befriend any individual.

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