Water drops slid down the face of Horus to Narmer, who fell into a faint after the explosion. Horus licked his wounds clean slowly; the tickle of which and the warmth of bonfire woke him up.

        Knowing that Narmer was regaining consciousness, Horus leant towards him, waiting for him to open his eyes. To her surprise, Narmer was in a daze at this moment. Then, he sprinkled a handful of sand over her in self defense and asked, “who are you?”

        “*Cough*...I’m Horus.”

        Narmer responded as he looked her up and down. “I don’t know you. Tell me! What’s your hidden agenda??”

        “I’m healing your wounds,” Horus grabbed his hand and licked again.

        Narmer drew back instantly. He stared at the harmless Horus, realizing that she was also soaked to the skin with an innocent face. “Looks like this fool little girl just saved me out of the river…” he mumbled with a relief.

        Then, he stayed away from Horus and picked up some dry sticks on the beach. “Sometimes being a fool isn’t that bad......At least they have no burden on their shoulders. No one would point the finger at them. They can live at their own will…” he whispered to himself.

        Seeing his dejected look, Horus came over and rubbed her head against Narmer gently. “Horus can stay with you. Live in the way whatever you like.”

        Startled by her act, Narmer was going to push her away slightly, but he remained when he found her purity within...

        “The way she looks at so sincere...Never knew that the one who can be true to me regardless of my identity is a foolish girl like her...” Narmer heaved a deep sigh.

        Suddenly, a chill ran down Horus’ spine and she cautiously searched the surroundings. . Very soon, something was sneaking in the bushes. A few masked assassins ambushed with blades.

        Horus responded agilely, kicked the bonfire at the enemies and grabbed Narmer to escape immediately. Both of them ran into the forest while the assassins were after them.

        A silver arrow swept across the sky and shot Narmer in the back. Horus tried to help him get up, but he refused her aid. “Leave! Stay away from this mess. You don’t have to put yourself in danger!” Narmer shouted at Horus.

        “Horus promised to stay. I’m not leaving without you!”
        “...You don’t understand. They won’t stop until they put me down! I’m so sick of being caged by the throne already. Just set me free with my death!” Narmer said in despair, sat down and gave up on running.

        “I’m not letting you die!”

        “What are you doing? Put me down!”

        Horus pulled the maximum effort to carry the injured Narmer on her back. She got him back up no matter how many times he struggled to stay down .

        They headed deep into the woods. But no matter how Horus utilized the geographic advantage to hide, the assassins traced them back with the blood trail.

        Spotting their whereabouts, the assassins fired arrows again and shot Horus in her leg. The two of them fell down on the ground.

        “*Wheeze*...Horus is not gonna let you die…”

        “Enough! Just leave me be. I don’t want anyone to die for me!”

        “...Why seek death when you’re still alive? Horus won’t let you go!” Gritting her teeth, she broke the arrows into half and carried him back on with all the strength.

        The unshakable determination kept her staggering along the road, despite all the severe injuries. Bloodstains were all over her pants. She was draining out and getting pale.

        “Why are you doing this for me...Is it worthy?” Looking at the petite f Horus, Narmer felt ashamed. “I’m a selfish person...all about getting rid of responsibilities and seek freedom...I let my father, Sobek and Serket down…”

        Footsteps were getting closer and closer. Horus slipped on a rock out of desperation; both of them rolled down the slope until they hit a log. The exhausted Horus was paralyzed on the ground, watching those assassins laid their hands on the helpless Narmer...

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