A metal door was blasted away by a strong force. It deformed, smashed to the other wall and fell down the ground with a huge noise, raising a cloud of dust and dirt.

        A man, shrouded in the dust, showed up. He put down his metallic leg and turned back to the 3 people curling at the corner. “Okay, I found the way out. Let’s get out of here,” the man talked to the 3 of them.

        “No! There could be threats waiting outside.”
        “Right, what if we encounter those horrible traps again.”
        “Darn it...I just want to continue my research. Why do we have to face this terrible thing?” They were all scared of leaving.

        “Sigh, don’t you feel ashamed of your cowardice as a researcher?” With his arms crossed, Socrates shook his head disappointedly.

        Socrates was a silver scientist of Lomond Manor, responsible for taking care of the newcomers. At the orientation event, he was knocked out by someone and found himself trapped in a strange place with other newcomers. Instead of sitting back , Socrates destroyed the stony door by force to escape. However, what came as a surprise was actually his wimpy fellows.

        Suddenly, a woman shout nearby interrupted his thought. Socrates’s face fell instantly, and he ran out of the room ignoring their advice. He was usually calm in the face of everything. But this time was an exception, for he recognized the voice was from someone he was familiar with.

        He went to the end of the hallway and turned right to some sort of a study room without hesitation. Before entering, there was a blonde being pinned down by a man on the sofa. The lady’s hands were grabbed tight——

        “Marie!” Socrates flew into a fury. “You bastard——,” he shouted as he swung his fist.

        Without seeing this coming, the punch came right into the man’s face. He was knocked flying to the wall, bleeding out from his nose.

        Socrates ignored the man, helped Marie up carefully and asked in a gentle voice, “are you okay?”

        “Yes I’m fine.” Marie slightly pushed him away. Her move implied an estrangement and refusal to his help.

        The observant Edison was well aware of it. He leant against a bookshelf covering his nose with right hand. Frivolous as usual, he looked at Socrates and Marie. “Oh, a hero saves a beauty. Too bad that you effort just went in to waste. She is not into you.”

        Then, Edison waved his hands and shook his head. “Only a playful man like me can arouse her passion. A conservative lady like her will surely be inextricable from lust once she knows what sex feels——”

        “Shut up!” Socrates' anger erupted as he saw Marie curling up in fear. He swung his fist again. This time, Edison noticed his intention in advance. He crouched down to dodge the attack while drawing out his dagger.

        “What?” Socrates was shocked as Edison did not go directly against him with the dagger. Instead, he tossed it to the mid-air. As he was wondering what Edison tried to do, next second severe pain came through his right arm, leaving a long blood scar!

        “How?” Socrates gazed at Edison and found the answer on his glittering right hands.

        “You generate magnetic force by means of electric currents with light elemental power, and use it to change the direction of the dagger…”

        “Fweet!” Edison gave a whistle as a compliment. “Not bad. Only a few people can figure out my trick. Hmm, I guess it’s just too simple.”

        “Simple? Precisely calculate the magnetic force to control the dagger within a short time and the formulae of switching the elemental power into electric currents...I’m afraid there should be less than a thousand people able to do this in the world...This guy is not as stupid as he looks.”

        Socrates, beclouded by rage, finally calmed down at this moment. Instead, he had an inexplicable excitement somehow——For the first time he encountered a rival.

        He took a deep breath, looking at Edison. “Bring it on. Unleash every bit of your strength,” said Socrates determinedly.

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