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        Loki stood in front of the giant wolf in protection of it. Looking at its master, the wolf wanted to help, but the Gods they were facing were too powerful. It could do nothing but be an onlooker in this confrontation between its master and the Gods, staring at the Gods fiercely.

        “Hand it over, Loki!”

        “Odin, you actually think I would do that?”

        “Loki, this wolf must be kept under our guard.”

        “Shut up!”

        Loki dashed towards Odin with his weapon. Odin dodged his attack swiftly. As the wolf saw its master had started attacking the Allfather of Gods, it made a howl facing the sky and dashed towards Freyja, who was the nearest to it. It raised its claw, ready to paw at her. However, when it was about to hit the target, a blue sword parried its attacking claw.

        The wolf changed its target and attacked Freyr, the wielder of the legendary sword. Freyr used his sword to block every attack of the wolf. Unable to hit the target, the wolf howled angrily. It concentrated its power in its mouth and shot it at Freyr, hitting the sword off his hand. The wolf leapt to snatch the sword in the air by gripping it with its teeth, and growled at him as a warning.

        Freyja helped Freyr up and uttered a curing spell for him. The wolf made a leap and used the sword in its mouth to attack them. Then, an axe intervened to separate the wolf and the two. The owner of the axe wielded his weapon. The wolf could only jump backwards to dodge his attack. Tyr, who was holding the axe, continued to attack in hot pursuit. The wolf was trying hard to block his wave of fierce attack, when a stentorian voice came to everyone’s ears.

        “Surrender to us. Your master has been defeated by me.”

        Looking at Loki, who was lying beside Odin, the eyes of the wolf turned bloodshot. It flung down the sword in its mouth and roared to the Gods. It dashed towards Odin, but Odin just looked at it calmly. The wolf wanted to tear him into pieces with its sharp teeth, but a robust man stood in between the wolf and Odin. It was Tyr. He used his left arm to block its mouth. The wolf ferociously bit off his arm. But Tyr seemed to feel no pain at all, and punched it with his right fist, blowing it away. Odin raised his pike and threw it at the wolf, piercing through throat to heart.

        “Death is the only ending for a beast which has gone wild,” said Odin.