“We’ll be meeting very soon. By then I’ll show you the beautiful scenery here.” Sobek kept reading Narmer’s letter again and again, dancing in her bedroom.

        Sobek danced gracefully back and forth, drawing birdies to the window. The birds sang harmoniously at the windowsill. Sobek turned around and smiled, “little birdie, finally I can spend the rest of my life with Narmer. No more distance between us..”

        Suddenly, Khepri, Sobek’s elder brother, stormed into her room. “I’m sorry but he is already dead.” Khepri said in cold.

        “Brother, stop the nonsense. Narmer is sailing from the Nile. He’ll be here very soon!”

        “His ship exploded. The hull broke into half and sank into the river. No survivors.”

        “No way… This can’t be real… Where’s his body? You can’t say that he’s dead without his body!”

        “Face the fact, Sobek. You still have me——”


        Shocked by the unexpected loss, Sobek left Khepri and went to the king. The king was discussing Narmer’s death with viziers in the chamber.

        Sobek cut in loudly, “father, please save Narmer!”

        “How rude of you! Mind you manner!”

        “I...pardon me for being rude. Please bring reinforcement to save him.”

        The king commanded all the viziers to leave. Only two of them stayed in the chamber. “Narmer’s father is preparing his funeral. The heir will be taken by the younger prince,” said the king.

        For the king, Narmer had lost his power an became useless to him. “After the mourning, you will be marrying the younger prince.”

        “No! You can’t do that! I’m not marrying anyone unless it’s Narmer!” Sobek cried in the state of breakdown,

        “Stop this nonsense! A princess shall behave for the sake of the whole country! You really disappointed me!”

        Sobek knew that she could never convince her father. She knelt down and…

        “Sobek, what…”

        Before the king could finish his words, she interrupted, “father, you know I marry him not for political reasons but for the true love between us. He is the one and only in my life. He lives, I live; He dies, I die...Forgive me, father!” Then, she took out a hairpin and stabbed into her wrist.

        Blood splattered from her wrist and scared the king out. The king summoned a doctor in no time. Sobek was sent back to her room for rest after the treatment. The king stayed right next to his daughter and heaved a deep sigh. What a stubborn girl...I guess you’re not going to stop until you see his corpse. I’ll search for the body to prove it!”

        After the king left, Sobek couldn’t sleep but think about every moments they had spent together. Hot tear welled up in her eyes.

        “Chirp, chirp!”

        Bird’s chirp broke the silent night, pulling Sobek back from her memories. Then, the bird sang again with a special rhythm, making her recall something familiar in the past. Her heart was pounding and the heartbeat raced. “This rhythm...It’s Narmer!”

        Enduring the pain on her wrist, Sobek walked to the courtyard. A familiar figure stood over there—— it’s Narmer! She cried tears of joy and ran into his embrace immediately.

        “I thought you were…,” Sobek was choked with sobs.

        “I made a promise. I will come back to you no matter what.”

        They were quietly enjoying the reunion, as if the world stopped for them. Suddenly, quick footsteps ruine the wonderful moment. Khepri pulled Sobek away from Narmer and commanded a dozen of soldiers to surround him.

        “Brother! what are you trying to do to Narmer”

        Khepri ignored Sobek. “This man is a trespasser to the palace and he is trying to molest the princess. Get him!” he ordered.

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