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        After marrying Dumuzi, Inanna was very supportive to his business. One night, she took a rest in the bedroom. During her dream, she experienced an alternative life created by element…

        Dumuzi and Inanna were striving to gather Humans scattered in different places. They came to a coastal tribe to persuade the residents to join them. However, it was of no avail. Worse still, Gilgamesh was into Inanna at first sight, requesting her to be his wife.

        Without hesitation, Dumuzi refused and left. When Inanna looked back, the sinister look of Gilgamesh had made sent a chill down her spine.

        As expected, something bad happened. Gilgamesh led troops of soldiers to raid on Dumuzi’s tribe. Shouts, clashes of weapons were everywhere. As Inanna decided to walk out of the house to check the situation, someone grabbed her hand suddenly. She struggled to break free, but a familiar voice stopped her movement.

        “Inanna, it’s me!”

        “’re injured!” Inanna tried to wipe the blood from his face, but Dumuzi took her hand and said anxiously, “the enemies will capture the city soon! Go find somewhere safe and hide!”

        “But what about you? Come with me…”

        “As a leader, I can’t give up the tribe at this critical moment!” Dumuzi urged Inanna to leave. Then, he turned around and got to the battlefield instantly.

        “He belongs to the entire tribe...I can’t just leave him alone.” Inanna did not flee from the tribe, but headed towards the battle zone quietly. The cruelty of war broke her heart.

        In the face of Gilgamesh’s skillful army, Dumuzi’s militia were soon subdued, being beaten up like a toy. Witnessing a series of brutal and horrible scenes, Inanna was in stunned silence. She covered her mouth to prevent from screaming; hot tears were dropping uncontrollably.

        “If the situation continues, more and more people will suffer. I must find a way to solve it!”

        The imminent danger forced her to think of a solution to put the war to an end. Then, she ran to the tribe center, and found her target——Gilgamesh, the enemy’s leader.

        He was riding a black horse to command the army. Inanna tried to sprint towards him, but caught by the soldiers right away. However, she did not give up and called aloud. Attracted by the familiar voice, Gilgamesh looked back and saw a woman he fell for. Then, he dismounted, ordered the soldiers to let go of her and came over.

        “Hey gorgeous, we meet again.”
        “Gilgamesh, the request you said it still valid?”
        “Request...Oh of course. Marry me and I’ll form an alliance with Dumuzi.
        “Alright...I’ll be your wife. But first, you have to withdraw your army now.”
        “Hahaha! Very straightforward! I love it!”

        Then, Gilgamesh ordered the soldiers to retreat. Meanwhile, he mounted the horse with her and galloped away. Suddenly, a man showed up——Dumuzi. He spoke to Inanna with shock, “ Inanna!…”

        Inanna took a strong grasp on her right arm to suppress the grief inside her heart. “I like strong man, Dumuzi,” she responded.

        After leaving these words, Inanna followed Gilgamesh to his tribe and became her wife. Since then, she did not long for love anymore. She buried her innocence, her emotions, tried to dig out some military secrets from Gilgamesh and reported to Ninurta quietly.

        Dumuzi, suffered from the pain of great loss, had formed alliances with several tribes to strengthen his force and march on Gilgamesh’s territory. Relying on the information brought by Inanna, Dumuzi’s army successfully avoided the traps set up by enemies and entered the city without a scratch.

        When Gilgamesh realized that his city was captured, it was already too late. Surrounded by Dumuzi and soldiers, he had nowhere to go any more. Gilgamesh paced back and forth in his bedroom, screaming like a madman.

        “Why can they pass through our traps...It’s impossible...and they even know our secret passage…” Gilgamesh, flying into a fury, glared at Inanna on the bed. He finally knew the main culprit of the defeat was her.

        “You betray me...Inanna——!”

        Gilgamesh pounced on her like a wild beast. Inanna, however, did not feel scared, nor did she run away. Her face was calm for she knew that her heart had already died since she married him. Inanna closed her eyes, preparing for her death. Suddenly, something happened.

        Inanna found that Gilgamesh was lying a pool of blood; and there was someone standing in front of her.

        “It’s you...Dumuzi.”

        In the nick of time, Dumuzi stabbed his sword in Gilgamesh’s heart; blood splashed on the white gauze of Inanna. It was a weirdly beautiful scene.

        “Inanna, I know you’ve been helping us in secrecy. Now, everything is alright. Come back with me. They’re waiting for you.” Dumuzi took her hands and said, “let’s go home.”

        However, she refused with a whisper. “No, I’m not going back.”


        “There is no turning back anymore. I’m not that innocent girl I used to be.” Inanna had changed. She no longer trusted love, which was just filled with calculation and pain.

        She pushed Dumuzi away slightly and left alone without looking back.

        “Love is not pure and innocent. Humans are all alone…”