The hot sun was high in the sky. Guards were in a state of exhaustion under a magnificent castle. Those heavy armors they were wearing, after absorbing the heat of sunlight, made them sweat profusely. Their hands also became sticky.

        The drowsy look of the guards played into Sonata’s hands, especially the one guarding the north gate. That stupid face was definitely a key for him to infiltrate into the castle.

        As another guard made a patrol, Sonata hung around in front him, humming an upbeat song alongside his rhythmic move intentionally——The sheet metal under his shoes gave a crisp sound as he tapped the floor; listening to the melody, that guard started shaking his head by following the beat.

        “The landlord is too cruel, isn’t he? Put you here on duty wearing such a heavy armor under this hot weather.” Sonata took out a leather pot and quaffed the juice. The transparent liquid dripped down to his neck, and the guard was thirsty for it.

        Successfully drawing his attention, Sonata handed the pot and said, “have a drink.”

        “Em...that’s very kind of you.” The guard took it and drank right away. After a few sips, he felt dizzy and fell down.

        After making sure the guard was really drunk, Sonata said as he put on the armor, “I told you to have a sip only. The juice has hypnotics, and this is how you’re gonna pay for being greedy.”

        The interior of the castle was not closely guarded as expected. At this moment, a patrol team walked past. Sonata bowed down his head to avoid being discovered. Luckily, the team leader was not suspicious of him. “Hey you! Stop wandering around! Hurry up to the courtyard and help,” said the leader.

        This was a good chance for Sonata. He pretended to feel awkward. “Bu-but, my superior wants me to go to the central area as a substitute…”

        Then, the leader nodded and let him go. Sonata randomly picked a direction and left. Suddenly, the leader shouted at him, “hey hold on! The central area is in this way.” Everything was in Sonata’s hands. He got the answer for finding the “treasure” as easy as pie.

        Compared with other regions, the central area clearly did not have sufficient defense - no hidden mechanism, but only a coughing old man guarding the place. “Cough...Strange...It’s not the time for substitution yet…,” the old man opened his eyes when he saw Sonata.

        “It’s my superior’s order. You can take a rest.”

        “Well…” The old man gave a key to him and said, “cough...remember...Don’t open the door.” Then, he hobbled along.

        At the end of the central area, there was a shabby wooden door which was 4 meter high. The style was out of tune with the splendor of the castle. There was a small door at the bottom; the size of which could just let a man’s forearm to get through. Sonata look at the key given by the old man. It was simply a usual iron key.

        “I’m an idiot if I don’t get this door open…” He inserted the key and turned without any hesitation. Click! The door was opening slowly. Under the weak light, he could vaguely see a small space with stone walls. A statue was erected in the center and there was a glittering treasure on top.

        “This is the treasure I’m looking for!” Sonata’s eyes were wide open. As he tried to take it, a sound came into his ears, a very subtle sound. Ordinary people would not notice it, but Sonata had an outstanding hearing sense. Therefore, he stopped walking——

        “Someone’s in there...No, something...” He concentrated on his senses by closing his eyes. Then, Sonata looked up and saw a gigantic lizard on the ceiling, preparing to attack him by opening its mouth.

        “Wow!” Sonata clumsily rolled forward to avoid the corrosive venom shot by the lizard in the nick of time.

        The lizard roared with rage as the attack failed. It crawled down and protected the treasure with its pointy and hard tail.

        “Calm down. I didn’t mean to disturb your nap.” He got up and said.

        “That’s why the old man warns me about the door…”

        The giant lizard sped up to shoot venom, but all the attacks were dodged by Sonata agilely. The liquid corroded the surface, forming a poisonous pool full of bubbles. He took off the armor and tapped his shoes to the beat. Miraculously, his dodging speed soon became faster and faster. Sonata sang a song; his resounding and vigorous voice echoed through the room. The melodious song had slowed down the move of the lizard.

        Sonata grabbed the chance to approach it carefully. He lifted his leg and kicked the lizard in the stomach, which was knocked flying and crashing into the wall. However, the fight had already stirred up a disturbance, attracting the attention of the guards. To avoid getting into any trouble again, he took away the treasure and escaped immediately.

        “I’ve found the treasure…” Sonata was excited. This treasure was given to Machinas by inheritance. Humans stole it because of greed. Now it finally returns to the owner.
        He opened the treasure box. There was a music score inside, written by special ink with a title “Whisper of Monesis”. The song was composed by an ancestor named Zana. Dedicated to the music in his life, Sonata treated the score as a belief. Although he had got it back, he did not feel relieved at all.

        “This…” Sonata touched each of the note and started crying. Flipping over the pages, he found a blank sheet. Then he kept flipping. To his surprise, the second half of the score was all blank.

        He stayed silent for a while, pulled himself together and said, “I should have known about this. Finding the score is never an easy task, and I still have a long way to go!”

        Hence, Sonata kept the score and continued his journey.

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