In the centre a yōkai tribe located at the hillside, yōkais were selling all kinds of stuff by setting up stalls, making the market a lively place.

        “Sale! Sale! Fresh plums of the day! Check them——Ah!” a shopkeeper was pitching very hard, but he suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Turning around frighteningly, he saw no one behind him.

        “This is too spooky…Ghost in broad daylight?” The shopkeeper returned to pitching as he looked around and couldn’t find anything unusual. But a closed-up face freaked him out. The startled shopkeeper lost balance and fell.

        That moment when he finally saw a beautiful face clearly—— a young elf Cherry. The calm Cherry didn’t even blink an eye for the panicked shopkeeper. “Do you know where can I find an elixir?” she asked gently.

        “That sneaky move scared me out! Elixir...Mmm, the Karasutengu Clan lives in that snow mountain. Ootengu's wife is about to labour and they hired a great doctor. Maybe they’ll have what you need…” the shopkeeper suggested.

        “Karasutengus on the mountain… Master said Karasutengu was powerful yet antiforeign… No. I will not back down no matter what.” Cherry was recalling what the master told her.

        Cherry nodded at the shopkeeper then left quietly, heading to the mountain. The road was tough and rugged, but nothing could hold her back. Cherry successfully made it to the mountain top before sunset, arriving where Karasutengus resided.

        Recalling the shopkeeper’s complaint about her furtiveness, Cherry decided to enter in plain sight. Two Karasutengu guards appeared out of nowhere and intercepted her.

        “The Karasutengus Clan is not a place for cheap elves like you.

        “I’m looking for the great doctor, not you.”

        “Great doctor, do you mean master Platycodon? The master certainly will not see you. Leave or we’ll make you!”

        As the guards were hostile, Cherry had to retreat for a moment.

        “Ugh. Stealth is always the best.” Cherry thought.

        She carefully avoided the guard’s patrol and arrived at the back of the mansion. But there were also two guards securing the back door. She started to panic as the sun was going down.

        “No time to waste.” she closed her eyes as she decided. Feeling an energy inside the body, she circulated her power, and a visible red halo flew in her veins. Next moment, branches grew from her arms with fruits on them. The fruits would explode once they were thrown on the ground, releasing a hypnotizing aroma.

        Cherry threw the fruits ahead of the guards. Very soon, they were all drugged to sleep. She seized the chance to break into the garden. Right when she was about to enter, a sharp blade threatened on her neck——it was Ootengu!

        “How dare you trespass into my land! Who sent you?” Ootengu asked harshly.

        “No one. I came for the doctor.” Cherry looked him back and replied. She showed no fear to the blade and grabbed it bare-handed. Her hand was bleeding out.

        “I don’t care if you wanna kill me, but I gotta meet the doctor and get the elixir for my master!” Cherry said with teary eyes. No matter how tough she acted, her mind was occupied by her master's illness.

        “You——” Ootengu was moved by Cherry’s will. The hand that holding the blade started to ease.

        “Who called me?” a woman’s voice sounded from the house, and Platycodon, a purple-haired girl came over. Seeing Ootengu threatening Cherry, she frowned and said, “put the blade down, Ootengu. I need to heal her.”

        Ootengu retreated the blade as he couldn’t sense any hostility from Cherry. Platycodon dragged the injured Cherry inside the hut for treatment.

        After the cure, Cherry kneeled before Platycodon. “Doctor, please give me the elixir to cure my master!” She begged desperately.

        “Sigh. Get up and tell me about your master.”

        When Platycodon got to know the symptoms of the master, she took out some herbs out of a basket after a moment of thinking, grinding them into powder. Then she packed the medicine up for Cherry.

        “Boil it for three hours and drink the medicine after it cooled down. It should help.” Platycodon said gently, and she continued, “I was gonna come with you, but I still got Ootengu’s wife to take care of…”

        “It’s ok. I’m grateful that I can get the medicine from a great doctor like you,” Cherry thanked Platycodon wholeheartedly and left the Karasutengu Clan.

        The sun was going down. Cherry grabbed the medicine tight and hurried her way back to Wish Orchard, where the home of the master and her…...

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