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        Filled with uncertainties and insecurities, Kejourou wandered alone in a forest like a phantom. She had no idea where she was from nor where she should go. She had lost her past memories; the only thing she could remember was a blurred red silhouette and his words...

        “I promise you that one day, I shall fulfill your dreams. I will bring you to see the bloom of cherry blossoms!”

        Whenever she thought of these words, a smile would spread across her face. Yet at the same time, pain would shoot through her heart. She had a feeling that, this person in red was extremely important to her, even more important than her own life.

        To find the person and retrieve her memories, she wandered around the Orient, and came to a ruin. This place was originally ruled by a powerful youkai. Later Shuten-dōji and Ibarakidouji waged a war against the youkai in which many youkais died. The place was then left devastated; no youkai lived here ever since.

        Suddenly, a lot of souls of the deceased emerged around her. At first, they were just staring at Kejourou, so she did not pay much attention to them. Just as she thought nothing was happening, a tall soul appeared and caused a commotion among the others.

        “Ha! Shuten-dōji’s woman has ended up like this... Since we cannot take revenge on him, let’s devour his woman’s soul to vent our anger!” The tall soul charged towards Kejourou, and the surrounding souls followed. Kejourou was pressed onto the ground, without any idea about what was going on. Even if she kept pleading, the souls did not stop. They bit her as if they wanted to devour her completely.

        As her soul was being devoured, she suddenly recalled the red silhouette and the promise... No, she cannot be devoured now. She must finish the promise! Youkai pneuma surged within her body; and in reverse, she was now the one devouring the surrounding souls! The more she devoured, the stronger her youkai pneuma became. At last, only the tall one was left, looking at her in fear. It begged her for forgiveness, but Kejourou did not listen. She gripped the soul and devoured it bit by bit until it became part of her pneuma.

        After devouring the souls, Kejourou’s power greatly enhanced. Her phantom-like body gradually turned solid — her corporeal form was reconstructed.

        Since then, Kejourou continued searching for that red silhouette and cherry blossoms. Later, she came to a village where there was a cherry tree. Seemed to be guided by fate, she walked to the tree, and met the red figure she had been yearning for...