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        The three sisters, Woodbury, Alice, and Doris, finally reunited in Wonderland. During their three-sided fight, their grandfather, Nome, suddenly appeared and ambushed Woodbury! Although Alice blocked their grandfather’s attack for Woodbury in time, Alice collapsed from power exhaustion. Woodbury then shared her power with Jinnie, who protected the sisters against Nome’s fireballs. However, he did not stop his incessant attacks and he even began to approach the sisters...

        At that exact moment, Nome and the three sisters were separated by a wall of water. Upon hearing Woodbury’s voice, Nome ceased fire and crouched to look at her face before coldly saying, “The more I look at you, the more I hate you! You look exactly like your filthy father!” “You...What do you mean...?” Woodbury could not comprehend what his words meant.

        “Ozma didn’t tell you anything, huh? Maybe she’s too shameful to tell you.” After laughing with his head thrown back, Nome told the sisters everything: “Your mother was enchanted by that devilish elf. She would not listen to me and ended up having three babies with him. When I wanted to put everything back onto the right track, your mother took the three of you away while that elf tried to stop me, so I killed off that source of shame. After that, I started purusing his filthy children, but your pneuma was too weak to track...” Nome put his face close to the wall of water and peered through it at Woodbury: “...but today, I have found you!” With that said, Nome’s hands blazed with scorching flames.

        The flames’ heat was so powerful that it penetrated the wall of water and expanded toward the sisters. Before the water wall completely evaporated, Woodbury said to her older sisters with a teary voice, “Alice, what you did back then was for a reason you couldn’t tell us, right...? I am sorry...” Alice patted on Woodbury’s hand before replying, “Mother was planning to hand you Doris and I can be safe...If I didn’t kill would have been sacrificed...” “I am sorry...” Woodbury could not stop crying. Alice soothed her and said, “Don’t cry, Woodbury. Let’s first figure out a way to deal with him.” Alice wanted to stand up, but fell on her knees as her power had not fully recovered. Doris and Woodbury exchanged a glance and said to Alice, “Now just take a rest and let your power resume. We’ll try stalling him!” Upon finishing their sentence, the wall of water finally evaporated from Nome’s fire. Matryoshka immediately stood at the breach of Nome’s approaching attack and shielded the sisters from the lethal strike by conjuring earth elements.

        “Let’s go get him!” “You got it, Doris!” The two sisters charged at Nome, but he calmly knocked off the muskets in Doris’ hand before forcefully grabbing her arm: “No worries. You have demonic blood. I am not going to hurt you.” With a toss, Nome threw Doris against a wall. Meanwhile, Woodbury and her toys also attacked Nome, but their attacks were all destroyed by his blaze. The impact even spread the flames in all directions, setting the entire hall on fire! Knocked onto the floor, Woodbury stood up with difficulty. Seeing both her older sisters heavily injured and the overwhelming power Nome possessed, Woodbury could not help but feel despair, deeming herself the cause of all this.

        Just then, Nome walked up to Woodbury while saying, “Your sisters, your mother, all of them could have lived. They have suffered because of you filth!” Doris surprisingly replied, “Woodbury is no filth! She’s my sister!” “It’s because you’re so concerned about lineage that these tragedies are happening!” “Doris...Alice...”

        Woodbury was no longer afraid and instead, was determined to protect her sisters. She granted Matryoshka power, enlarging her size to manifest two more nesting dolls which were double the height of a man. Upon seeing this, Nome only laughed: “Humph! It’s just a ragged nesting doll. It won’t be able to endure a single attack from me!” However, Woodbury smiled: “They’re not to deal with you.” Matryoshka dashed to Alice and Doris with the two nesting dolls before putting them inside. “What are you doing? Let us out!” Doris yelled from within a doll, but Matryoshka kept running further away from the hall as Woodbury would have wanted. Only Nome, Woodbury and her toys remained in the blazing hall. Watching Matryoshka’s diminishing figure, Woodbury smiled: “I love you, Doris, Alice.”