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        A magnificent cataract, surrounded by misty rain with its rumblings spreading over the valley, was located deep into the mountains. This wonder of nature had remained unexplored, until one day a visitor came by.

        “Huff…Is it really here?” The masculine type machina Schrödinger climbed the slope strenuously.

        Schrödinger was ordered to go to the base of Eldus to have a cease-fire negotiation, but an accident happened in the Mech City. By the time he arrived, the whole place was already sealed.

        After extracting the memories stored in the metal part, Schrödinger followed Pompeii’s last instruction to come to the cataract.

        “The moist is heavy here, a huge weakness for Machinas.” Schrödinger’s metal joints were making an ear-piercing noise, but he endured and eventually made it to the destination.

        Stretching his aching knees, he searched around the perimeter and eventually spotted a metal core “circuit” hidden behind a boulder.

        “The circuit and vessels are still functioning normally...Pompeii must have separated it from Monesis somehow...Alright, let me activate it.”

        Schrödinger leant close to the circuit with his kinetic core on the chest. Light was shone from the circuit; vessels were connected and synchronized with the same frequency of pulsation. Soon, a quake happened to separate the cataract; and a cave was revealed.

        As he entered with caution, lights were illuminated automatically, revealing a narrow path ahead.

        “The key to save Pompeii and the others lies inside…” Schrödinger remained vigilant to go to the end of the corridor——A square room.

        Suddenly, the lights were all off; the entire room blacked out. At the same time, fierce attacks were made on Schrödinger.

        “Whoa!” He barely dodged the strikes, but waves of ambushes kept pushing which made Schrödinger unable to take a breath.

        “I’ll get killed soon in this difficult situation. First, I have to be able to see...Oh right!” Schrödinger glimpsed at faint lights emitted from the vessels at the door side.

        Then he ran to touch it at once. Connecting himself with the vessels, Schrödinger regained the vision of the room.

        “Ha, got you!” He concentrated elements on both hands to conjure blades and slashed the enemy.

        Bomb! Bang! Two huge noises happened before the room went back to silence. Soon the lights resumed too.

        Schrödinger came to the two broken metal spheres and could not help but shake his head. “Pompeii you bastard, I almost got killed by your toys.”

        With a sigh, he continued to go forward to the end——a well-equipped research lab. His attention was fully drawn to a dazzling metal piece on the desk.

        Schrödinger picked up the metal and connected it with his kinetic core immediately.

        “Schrödinger, by the time you read this message, I would have already sealed the city to protect Monesis.”

        “...Pompeii’s voice!” Schrödinger was filled with emotions, but he managed to contain the surge inside and read the memories of Pompeii.

        “To save us, please use the lab to make a Soulstone. Then wait for our fellow to come. She will have the key to wake us up…” Pompeii’s voice gradually faded away. When it came to his good old fellows in the Mech City and the dooms that the world might face, Schrödinger was haunted by sorrow and tears. For a good while, he pulled himself together to get out of the never-ending grief.

        “It’s not over yet! Pompeii, wait for me. I’ll save you!”

        Then, Schrödinger buried himself with studying Soulstone. After several failures, he finally produced one.

        However, the fellow that Pompeii had mentioned did not show up. Wasting no more time, Schrödinger decided to find her. Soon, he found a feminine-type Delta lying near the entrance of the Mech City.

        “Her kinetic core was damaged and she’s immobilized due to power leak...Must be caused by enemy's attacks during the escape...Luckily the injuries are not severe. Let me fix her first.”

        Schrödinger took a few days to repair Delta, who unfortunately still remained static.

        “Of course I need the song of Zana’s clan to activate her kinetic core...Alright, I better get going to find them.”

        But what Schrödinger found was nothing but burnt ruins, clearly no signs of any life form left in this place. Looking at the wreckage, restlessness and anxiety rose in Schrödinger’s heart.

        “What...had happened here...Who would do this cruel thing...Could it be those Eldus——”

        At the moment, continuous huge noises interrupted his thoughts.

        “From the base of the Eldus...That’s my chance to figure out what was going on on this land while I was in the lab.”

        Schrödinger tried to catch up with speed. However, when he arrived, the battle between Earthlings and Eldus was already over. He founded out the whole thing from a surviving Earthling. Then he reunited with Cang Bi the Runedragon and helped them defeat the enemies.

        Unfortunately, their strength was too strong. The humongous power hidden underground tried to break through Pompeii’s barrier, but this would become the doomsday of the universe.

        Looking to the sky at the entrance of the Mech City, Schrödinger was shocked to realize that the two blazes of scarlet light were bigger than the last time he saw.

        “The power of origin is still penetrating...Even though I have to lose this medium, I still need to re-seal it…”

        Touching the soulstone on his chest, Schrödinger was supposed to use it to save Pompeii and his fellows.

        “Forgive me, Pompeii...everyone...To protect this land, I have no choice.”

        Schrödinger closed his eyes to fused the soulstone with himself. Next second, iridescence was emitted from his body, illuminating the entire realm...