“Huifre, why are you doing this to me…” Abraham said.

        The light of hope faded in Abraham’s eyes; He was counting down to the end of his life, while the storm was raining on his face. He tried to stay hopeful for Huifre after breaking free from the deep sea, yet this Huifre standing in front of him had completely changed. She joined the gods and became one of Athena’s warriors; She abandoned the family ties and never ceased to kill him. There was no turning back. Since this pair of siblings had turned into the puppets of gods and demons, there was no more love between them, but destined to kill each other.

        Athena was responsible for this tragedy. Abraham was well-aware of that, but he was tired of vengeance. The moment when Huifre had changed, slaughtering Athena wouldn’t bring back the Huifre he used to know.

        “Huifre, send me back to the sea,” Abraham said in a low voice, begging at Huifre, and he continued, “just let everything...go back to the moment when I was locked in the sea.”

        Huifre struggled to stand up, holding her whip with her shaky hand. She poured the earth element into the whip. Next second, it turned into countless vines to wrap Abraham up; The holy light brightened up the wounds on him. Approaching Abraham slowly, Huifre pressed on his shoulder and conjured her godly power. Then the pair of siblings floated in the air and headed towards the sea, with the giant face following behind.

        “Brother, neither did I forget you, nor hate you,” said Huifre in a shaking voice, with a sense of sorrow hiding within. “I still have a lot to tell you…”

        Abraham opened his eyes wide, trying to have a clear look at Huifre right now——her gentle gaze with a hint of nervousness, which resembled the childhood times. At this moment, the lips of the frowning Huifre were twitching, so did her hand on his shoulder. Although nothing made sense to Abraham, he still felt his love towards his sister; Then he leaned his head on Huifre’s shoulder. This took him back to the old days when they held each other tight to sleep, as if the world only contained both of them.

        “Thank you, Huifre,” the contented Abraham murmured. “Nothing’s better than saying goodbye to you before I die.”

        Huifre wiped away her tears; Meanwhile they had arrived at the sea.

        “Brother, Athena has been spying on us. Everything back then was just…” Huifre whispered at Abraham’s ear to apologise. Yet Abraham did not respond but smiled at her. This Huifre here reminded him of their childhood. Everytime when Huifre did something wrong, she would make a guilty face and explained herself.

        That was how he realised that she was still the same Huifre, the same beloved sister as always.

        Although Huifre still felt anxious about the speechless Abraham, she’d appreciate the current situation rather than battling her brother. When she wielded at the sea with godly power, waves gradually escalated into billows. Very soon, the raging tide swallowed Abraham and Huifre into the deepest part of the sea…

        Rocking on the sea, Huifre recalled the vines on Abraham and held him into her arms.

        “Brother! If death is the only way out, I’ll die with you!” The collapsed Huifre cried her eyes out, driving Abraham to hold her tighter. Then, he touched her moist hair to comfort her.

        “This moment is all I lived for. Huifre, don’t ever leave me again…” said Abraham, hugging Huifre woefully. He never wanted to die, or happening to Huifre. All he longed for was freezing this moment for eternity, and the world would be theirs exclusively. When he was hesitant for his words, a solemn voice suddenly sounded from afar——

        “Huifre, did you forget your responsibility?”

        Looking above, Abraham found Athena riding a storm cloud. She glanced at the siblings while conjuring godly power in hand. The holy light was shining; Unknown runes were flipping in the light. Despite the great danger, Abraham and Huifre had already put everything behind; And their hands were gripping even tighter...

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