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        As Lucifer burst Raphael’s water sphere with his powerful spear thrusts, he immediately began intimidatingly slashing at all the Keepers with his shining blade while the Keepers were forced to dodge. However, amidst his fierce attacks, however, there was a moment that his armor dimmed together with the magic circle on it. Lucifer sensed the flow of elements within his body abruptly stop. As Uriel noticed this sudden change, she seized this opportunity and thrusted her fiery spear right toward Lucifer’s head

        “Well…” Lucifer murmured to himself, ignoring Uriel's fiery spear. Just as Uriel thought she was about to turn the tide, Lucifer managed to dodge her attack at the last moment. With a flick of his left hand, he clutched Uriel’s weapon and snapped it in half. Dumbfounded by the fact that her spear broke, she forgot to dodge Lucifer's attacks Lucifer then immediately grabbed her spear-holding hand and used his enormous strength to lift her into the air

        “Let go of me!” Uriel angrily shouted while staring at Lucifer, but the only thing she saw through the opening of the helmet was complete darkness. It reminded her of chaos and the lack of light in the world during prehistoric times

        Upon seeing Uriel's capture, Gabriel and Raphael were extremely anxious. They raised their weapons, but didn't attack as they were afraid of hurting their companion. Repeating his skilled move, Gabriel converged light elements into spheres which targeted every part of Lucifer like shotgun pellets However, just as he charged forward, Lucifer, who had already predicted his attack, shot a light arrow at him. Unable to dodge the attack, Gabriel got hit and fell into the sea.

        Lucifer sneeringly smiled as he tightened his grip on Uriel, almost to the point of breaking her bones. Despite the terrible pain and cold sweat running down her face, Uriel did not groan with pain or beg for mercy, but kept glaring at Lucifer. “Hey Uriel, why can’t you be more gentle, like a lady?” Lucifer wielded his spear and conjured a fire sphere. Although the source of flowing elements stopped, he still had the upper hand as the stored power was sufficient.

        “Uriel, you always use fire elements, right? Come closer and see how it’s different from yours…” Lucifer said as he pulled Uriel closer to the sphere. Uriel closed her eyes and prepared for her death; but to her surprise, Lucifer stopped when she was right before the sphere. He smirked and said, “Tell me. Can someone who manipulates fire elements burn to death?”

        Lucifer’s derisive words were like flies and insects pestering Uriel’s mind. She opened her eyes, but what she saw was not the fire sphere. Instead, the only thing in her eyes was a figure — Metatron, her old foe — as if appearing in the centre of the sphere. Memories about him flitted across her mind, including their first fight, his sincere advice, and their promise for the next duel. Uriel felt a lump in her throat as she recalled these memories and her heart filled with unbearable agony. She forcefully bit her lower lip until they became red and swollen, before she uttered some words with a choked voice, “I'll never burn to death...and you'll never defeat me… because there’s… there’s only one man who can defeat me…!”

        With all her strength, Uriel let out a bellow of rage. Lucifer’s fire sphere instantly started to fiercely burn with her roar. The tongues of flame curled around Uriel’s arms and her broken spear, forcing Lucifer to release her. As Uriel fell, her spear was repaired and blazing furiously. Roaring flames extended from the spear to Uriel, covering her whole body, as if turning her into a fire humanoid. Just as Gabriel and Raphael wanted to rescue her, a pair of giant wings spread out from the fire humanoid. Uriel detached herself from the flames, with one hand holding the spear, and the other the fire humanoid. The flames transformed into burning steel, forming a humanoid in shining armor. It flapped its wings and followed Uriel, ready to follow orders.

        “It’s time for you to learn what it’s like to burn!” As Uriel shouted, the armor humanoid charged toward Lucifer. With a cynical smile, Lucifer fiercely wielded his spear in an attempt to hack the armor into pieces. However, as his blade hit the humanoid, it burst into flames and counter-attacked Lucifer. Not only did his spear miss its target, but it was also burned black. Lucifer lowered his body to dodge the humanoid’s raging flames, while he simultaneously conjured a water barrier for defense. While Lucifer was fighting the humanoid, the three keepers ran to the spot with their weapons ready, waiting for an opportunity to attack their common enemy...