“If you bother me again, I’ll show you no mercy!” Sun Wukong angrily said as he stared at Lady White Bones who kept annoying him. To his surprise, those words turned her on. “Great! Come on! Hit me! I’m not letting you go~” Looking at Lady White Bones, Sun Wukong heaved a heavy sigh. If it wasn't for Tang Sanzang's disallowance, I would have killed this annoying skeleton.
        Tang Sanzang and the others continued their journey to the Celestial Way. They climbed up a hill and arrived at another town. It was late, so they decided to stay there. By the time they've stepped into town, a strange atmosphere filled in the air——all the buildings and objects were grimy and there were spider webs everywhere. There were no signs of life even though the town had lots of different buildings.

        At this moment, a man slowly came through an alley. With his hands pressing his stomach, he walked towards Tang Sanzang with a painful look.
        “Ha! So people do live here! I thought the whole town was abandoned!” Zhu Bajie smiled.
        “But that man looks strange…” Tang Sanzang said as he stared at the man.
        “ me!” The man looked looked in pain and suddenly kneeled down. They ran to him and saw something crawling inside his stomach! The man covered his mouth and gagged. His stomach then began to furiously twitch and he defecated right in front of them——the “things” inside his stomach were countless little spiders! After the spiders crawled out, the man fainted, as if life was drained out of him.
        The spiders charged at Tang Sanzang! Sun Wukong sprinted forward and brought Tang Sanzang to the back; Zhu Bajie, and Sha Seng stood in front to kill the spiders with their demonic power. However, they were outnumbered and the battle was endless!
        “Fall back, both of you!” Sha Seng ordered. He raised his hands and casted an aqua sphere over the spiders, which then immediately caused all the spiders to vanish within the water. They felt relieved, but were all bitten by the little spiders. However, they did not care about these flesh wounds. Their priority was to take Tang Sanzang out of here and bring him to safety. As Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Seng walked towards Tang Sanzang, they suddenly had serious stomach aches!
        “Is it because I sneakily took a bite of Sun Wukong’s banana last night?” Zhu Bajie groaned in pain. His stomach then bloated like he was pregnant!
        “Darn it! You dared to steal a bite of my banana. I’ll...Ahhh! It hurts!” Sun Wukong crouched down pressing his stomach.
        “No. I think it’s because of the spiders.” Sha Seng tried to gather his demonic power, but his stomach was growing bigger and bigger.
        Sun Wukong stared at Lady White Bones: “Why are you the only one who’s not affected?”
        “Hehe! I’m just a skeleton, so I’m immune to the spiders' demonic power. However, if you ignore it, the little spiders might eventually crawl out of your mouths. How interesting! Tell me how you feel later.” Lady White Bones smiled.
        “Roarr! I’m the Great Sage. I’m not going to be a surrogate mother of spiders!”
        “As long as we defeat their mother, this demonic power should be removed…” Sha Seng said as he was covered in sweat and looked in pain. He even struggled to say a single word, as if the spiders would immediately crawl out of his mouth if he spoke.
        Sun Wukong tried to stand up, but felt dizzy and fell down again. Lady White Bones wanted to help him up, but Sun Wukong refused. Witnessing their suffering, Tang Sanzang said: “You have to rest. I’ll handle this. Lady White Bones, please take good care of them.”

        Tang Sanzang walked through the alley where he saw the man approach from and discovered that there was a passage to the sewer. The sewer was dark, with only a faint light. He carefully advanced and saw a dozen citizens aligned in a straight row. Each of them was wrapped in spider silk! Their screams echoed through the sewer, which distressed Tang Sanzang.
        “Help, help! I don’t want to die! But I surely will after giving birth to the little spiders!”
        “It really hurts…”
        “Don’t worry! I’m going to get you out of here! Hang in there!”
        As Tang Sanzang tried to tear off the silk, he heard strange footsteps in the sewer. He took a deep breath and turned around——a lady Spider Demon was crawling towards him! The lady knew Tang Sanzang was here to save the townspeople, so she yelled in anger and charged at them——
        “You fool! Don’t hurt my children!”
        Spider Demon spit out silk and wrapped Tang Sanzang up in a cocoon! She smiled and approached him. When she was about to inject her demonic power into the cocoon, it suddenly glittered! In the blink of an eye, the cocoon broke. Tang Sanzang, now coated with dazzling light, stood up and clenched his fists.
        “How could this be?” Spider Demon was stunned. She never thought a mortal could possess such power.
        “I'm not looking for a fight. If you’re willing to remove your demonic power over these people, I’ll let you off the hook.” Tang Sanzang gathered mighty light elemental power as he walked towards Spider Demon.
        “ don’t even understand my feelings! I just want a family!” Spider Demon was terrified as she knew she was no match for him.
        “This is your last chance. Remove your demonic power and leave, otherwise…”
        “I’ll remember you! Follow me, my children!” As Spider Demon left, her countless little spiders followed behind her, and together they left town.
        After Spider Demon removed her demonic power, everyone in town along with Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Seng all recovered. They rested for a while, and then continued their long journey to the Celestial Way.

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