Two ships went head-to-head, with the two captains yelling at each other:

        “I’m the famous Sea Scorpion! As my name suggests, my attacks are quick and lethal!”

        “Humph! What kind of scorpions live in the sea? Run back to the desert! I, Blue Mantis, won’t rest until my blade tastes blood! How can a little scorpion like you rival me?

        “I could kill you with my ‘little’ sting!”

        “Ridiculous! Looks like you’ll only shut your stinking mouth when you’re dead!”

        Along with the two captains’ simultaneous roars, the pirates of the two ships swarmed onto each others’ and turned the ships into a gigantic fighting arena. The scene was so chaotic that no one noticed there was something glittering not far away...

        The glittering was from a pair of binoculars on another pirate ship. The person holding it was humming an unknown tune with her feet stepping to the rhythm. She was leaning against the edge of the ship while closely observing the fight between the two pirate ships. She was a well-shaped lady, and wore a tight pirate outfit which highlighted the curves of her body; her pirates could not help but focus their dirty-minded eyes on her.

        “One flag has a scorpion...and the other has a blue mantis...Bingo!” Anne cheered in excitement, startling her subordinates. They hurriedly looked away, afraid that she would notice them peeping at her. With a charming move, she handed the binoculars to one of her companions: “If we can find the sea flower here, everyone will get a kiss from me!” Anne ended her sentence with a wink. All the pirates began fantasizing about getting a kiss from their captain while they nodded fascinatedly as acknowledgement.

        Standing in front of the helm, Anne appeared to be waiting for something. She peered at the distance but issued no order; all the pirates looked at her in silence. As the direction of the wind suddenly changed, Anne yelled, “Fire!” With that said, glass bottles were shot from her ship’s cannons. When the bottles landed on the surface of the sea, a cloud of green smoke rose and completely engulfed the two pirate ships. Anne looked through the binoculars. Observing the situation, she began to hum the unknown tune again, while people on the two ships collapsed one by one along the flow of the rhythm. When the tune finished, there was no one left standing on the decks. Upon seeing this, Anne wore a mask and approached her targets in a small boat with a few of her subordinates.

        Within the green smoke, everyone was asleep. Anne boarded the ship and searched for the storage room. Suddenly, Anne saw two figures! It was the two captains! They faced each other with swords in hands. Their faces were covered by scarves; maybe that was the reason why they were not affected by the smoke. Just as Anne wanted to fire her gun at the two captains, they both turned to look at her and said:

        “Poison Anne...Argh!”

        “You really deserve your reputation...Ugh!”

        The two captains were actually weak from the smoke and had no strength to fight back, so Anne calmly knocked them out with the butt of her gun. When the two collapsed, Anne crouched beside them. She put their scarves onto their faces: “Mantis and scorpion, huh? You can’t win against the spider.”

        In the end, Anne and her pirates took all the gold coins from the two ships. Looking at the chest of gold, all the pirates were excited, but Anne spoke with palpable discontent, “Darn! They didn’t have the sea flower! If anyone’s giving me fake intel again, I’m gonna poison him to death!”

        The pirates could not bear to see Anne’s sad expression and said, “Boss, we have lots of gold coins! We can buy you any flower you want!” However, Anne only shook her head: “The sea flower radiates even in the darkest oceans. Rumor has it that it can cure any disease. How can an ordinary flower compare to it?”

        The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Along with the exasperation, she could feel her body burning with anger. She loosened the knots on her shirt to cool down before she continued, “No one shall rest until I find that sea flower!” The pirates were all focusing on the enigmatic area of their captain, so none heard her order. It was not until Anne yelled again did they hurriedly raise the sail and resumed their journey...

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