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        Since the completion of Fort Stirling, scholars moved in and started their research there. Of course, most of the research was about Ancient Dragon Power. Agnesi, as one of the researchers, often sent Vouivre to seek traces of the mechanical dragons; that remained unchanged until Vouivre returned with a broken body. Agnesi looked at it with a mildly-shocked expression. Even though Vouivre’s main function was reconnaissance, it still had fair fighting capabilities. What could have hurt it so much...

        Headache brought Agnesi’s hand to her forehead as she looked at Vouivre, now short a limb and a wing. She took out the memory crystal on Vouivre and played the record inside with Ancient Dragon Power. The video only captured the image of a giant claw striking towards Vouivre, which failed to evade in time...

        “Giant metal claw, what kind of creature is that?” Gretchen asked.

        “Insufficient data...” said Mark-II.

        “Agnesi, there is an abundance of residual Ancient Dragon Power on Vouivre’s wounds...” Lisa suddenly yelled.

        As they remained unconfused, Midgley suddenly said from the side: “Giant claw, metal, Ancient Dragon Power...Isn’t it the mechanical dragon?”

        Midgley struck a chord with them, causing a sudden realization. Were the mechanical dragons not what they had been after? Then, Midgley continued:

        “Agnesi, I think you’d better speed up your work!”

        Finished talking, Midgley left with the others. Agnesi looked at Vouivre. She picked up tools and parts on the desk and started her work with Vouivre...

        “Agnesi, you’re really going on your own?” Gretchen asked in worry.

        “Mm! Don’t worry. Vouivre will help me!”

        Vouivre, with a brand-new appearance, stood next to Agnesi. She channeled her Ancient Dragon Power; Vouivre slowly disintegrated. Its wings attached to the back of Agnesi’s waist, while its body separated into two parts, each manifesting a dog-like creature. Agnesi patted them and signed a good-luck gesture towards Gretchen.

        “I’ll locate the mechanical dragons. Wish me luck!”

        After speaking, Agnesi left with “Vouivre”...