Even if she left, Todd still loved her since ‘forcing someone to stay is greed, not love.’ Hence, this was what Todd hated most in his life: this part of him that thought this way — the love in him that let the source of happiness in his life slip away.

        Todd’s love was forever associated with pain. When his love, who had left his side, was then abandoned by her man, Todd had held her; his happiness at the moment had brought regret. Yet, at the sight of her ever-growing belly, Todd was plagued by conflicting hatred even as he stayed by her side, caring for all her needs. Her adorable expression was a contrast with the life growing inside her. Everyday at his job, Todd had to resist the urge to slice his own chest with his shears.

        Finally, when his daughter was finally born, it was as if he could see his beloved again by looking into her innocent eyes. They were the same as her mother’s. He finally found a way to seek redemption. He placed his daughter onto her soft bed before decapitating his beloved with his shears...

        Todd decapitated the man with his shears, and transformed his head into an immortal vessel for the souls he had reaped.

        “Todd is looking good.” On the battlefield, Nightfall Savant was commanding his Demon soldiers as they swept through the battlefield. The Demon soldier nodded at the Savant. To ensure the the Demon puppet was in good condition, Nightfall Savant must either allow Todd to recuperate in his dreams engage in works aside from battle behind the frontlines. Sometimes, Todd would even need go back to barbering, so as to maintain his insanity through his memories.

        “Bring him to battle next time,” the Nightfall Savant told his subordinates. “the Combatant alone cannot thrust its
way through the frontlines. Let Todd go and take the Gods down a notch.”

        Todd was constantly transformed in the war. His soul, imprisoned in dreams, was corrupted into a great weapon. His mutated sentiments had warped his soul into apocalyptic power...

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