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        “Yoohoo——!” A long howl echoed through a sport yard, which had drawn all Machinas’ attention. Everybody’s eyes lingered over that blue mechanical figure, who was leaping into the air. Beta, who did not care about them, continued howling as he spinned his body. The skate under his feet precisely faced towards the u-shaped skating area below.
        Beta took advantage of the gravitational acceleration to leap into the air again when he sped along the skateway. He opened his arms to embrace the sky. His move was so well-executed that everyone just could not take their eyes off him. His posture was gradually imprinted in their minds.
        After taking a few leaps, Beta was satisfied with his own performance. Then, he slowed down, balanced his body and jumped off the skateway.
        “Phew——Feel better now. Every time I’m enraged by Alpha, I go skating to calm myself...Oh, it’s getting late already. Schnauzer should finish her patrol. Let me pick her up.”
        Beta shook off the dust from his body and left the sport yard. Passing through a tortuous yet complicated aisle, he went to the exit from the mechanical city. When he walked past, a painful scream came to his ears. The voice sounded familiar, who was his brother Alpha.
        “Alpha!” Beta yelled as he ran towards his brother, who was subdued by a dozen of Earthlings and unable to move.
        Besides, Alpha was surrounded by a troop of Earthlings. The aisle was packed out. Soon, Beta was spotted by them, who then began to sprint towards him. Judging from their animosity, they were going to catch Beta.
        “Humph! Not that easy!” Witnessing Alpha’s miserable situation, Beta was completely provoked. He circulated and felt the power inside. The blue light started flowing from his chest to feet, which lit up the skateboard immediately with blue flames.
        Skating with his right leg, Beta flew as fast as an arrow; he could change the direction at will, gliding around the walls and ceilings. He dodged the Earthlings’ attacks agilely and headed towards Alpha.
        “Get lost! You fool!”
        Beta conjured several water elemental spheres and cast over the Earthlings, who were down after taking the hit. Holding Alpha up, he glided towards the wall on the right hand side, successfully escaping from the enemies at last.
        Whiz——A purple blade swept across the sky all of a sudden; Beta barely dodged the attack, which had left a scratch on his face.
        “This blade...No, not her. It can’t be!” Gazing at the purple blade with shock, he heard a low voice from behind.
        “Beta, you’re here too...I didn’t intend to hurt you guys…”
        “Schnauzer, you brought those Earthlings here...Why do you betray us? Don’t you hate the Eldus? They treated you like a tool!”
        “Even so, I don’t want to be mechanized...I would rather die than live like a freak!”
        “...So in your eyes, we’re simply monsters…” Beta forced a smile. He was unprepared for taking this heavy knock. Schnauzer grabbed the chance to unleash a dark purple elemental blade——
        Clash! Blocked by a light blade, the purple blade stabbed into the wall.
        “Alpha!” Beta saw him raise his right leg to parry the attack; the blade under his foot glittered. At the same time, Alpha remained alert to Schnauzer.
        “Schnauzer, maybe saving your life regardless of your will is our fault. However, we can’t let you harm our fellows. Beta and I will protect the mechanical city!”
        Amazed by Alpha’s determination, Beta had the same thought, “Right! We’ll stop you at any cost!”
        Then, they stood back-to-back. A cloud of smoke emerged; a dazzling ray blinded Schnauzer to the environment nearby. All she could hear was the clinking sound of metal. Beta and Alpha had vanished. No, to be precise, they were combined. A gigantic figure walked out of the light, who possessed Beta’s skate and Alpha’s light blade.
        “Physical Fusion...only Machinas with synchronized consciousness are able to do so. Of course, they’re twins after all,” Schnauzer pondered. Then, she summoned an elemental shield immediately, preparing for the defense; Beta and Alpha sprinted towards her with lightning speed.
        Crack——! The shield was crushed promptly. Beta and Alpha stepped forwards and punched Schnauzer in the stomach, who was knocked flying, crashing through metal walls to a room.
        “What...a...monstrous power…” Schnauzer tried to get up, but the mechanical body was too heavy to her.
        “Give up. Half of your mechanical joints are broken. You can’t move. Surrender and tell me their plan!” Beta and Alpha gazed at her domineeringly, who kneeled down on the ground. In the face of such a desperate situation, Schnauzer should have been frightened, but she wore a smile.
        “You seem to forget their existence.”
        “What? Em——” Beta and Alpha felt that their body was getting heavier suddenly. When they turned around, they saw a bunch of Earthlings on their back.
        “Tut! Do you think you can stop me!?” Beta and Alpha turned water and light element into lightning and whirlpool. Taking the hit, those Earthlings let out screams of pain. The electric shock was more than flesh and blood could bear. Soon, they were all down.
        When Beta and Alpha thought they scored a victory, strong fire elemental power attacked from three directions. They were planning to escape, but the bodies of the Earthlings on the ground had hindered their movement.
        “We’ll die if we take that hit. We need to stop it!” Alpha was determined to deactivate the Physical Fusion. He managed to push Beta away from the fire attack. However, Beta was unable to avoid it completely; his right body was burned. Compared with Alpha, Beta was only slightly injured.
        “Alpha!” Beta got up, staring at the enemies—— the Eldus in anger.
        “Schnauzer was trying to buy time for the Eldus by sending those Earthlings to attack us. Darn it! Unforgivable!”
        Beta still wanted to fight back, but a voice stopped him.
        “Go, Beta!” Alpha yelled. “Find him in the control room! Only he could stop their wild scheme!”
        “But——” Beta looked at Alpha, whose body was being melted by the flames. Alpha could not even stand up, let alone battle with the enemies.
        “Just go!” His intact right eye gazed at Beta, delivering a silent message. At this moment, the three Eldus were about to sprint towards Beta.
        “Darn it!” Beta had no choice but to head back to the city.
        He tried to find the circuits for communication, but most of them were either closely guarded or destroyed. So, he gave up eventually, and went straight to the control room. With his extraordinary speed, he had defeated the Earthlings standing in the way and arrived at the destination before running out of power.
        After withdrawing the energy from the skate, his legs were broken into pieces as soon as he landed on the ground.
        “Soon...I’ll be gone...returning to the embrace of the Monesis...Before that, I have to find Pompeii.” Beta crawled to the door of the control room and banged it hard.
        Door opened. Pompeii, a tall, burly Machina, showed up. Shocked by Beta’s miserable situation, he helped him up right away.
        “Beta, your body...what had happened?”
        “Pompeii...Those bastards are raiding the city...Alpha…” Beta tried to explain the matter, but he was unable to speak clearly due to the serious damage of consciousness.
        “Don’t push yourself. Let me read your memory.” He put his hand on Beta’s kinetic core. Then, it began to flash.
        “Schnauzer, she finally made a choice…” Pompeii closed his eyes, pulling a straight face. “For the sake of Monesis and the future of the realm, we have to initiate that plan,” he said seriously as he looked at two shadows in the dark place.
        Beta’s consciousness started fading. He could only hear footsteps walking away. When Pompeii held his hand, the consciousness had slightly recovered.
        “Beta, thanks to you, we’re able to take this contingency approach. Rest. We’ll be back soon.”
        “Pompeii...Alpha…” Beta murmured using his last breath. Soon, his consciousness had fallen into the darkness...