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        When Raphael opened her eyes, she could only see Sariel collapsing onto with her gigantic double swords covered in cracks. “Sariel!” Raphael hurriedly dashed to Sariel and held the weak Keeper in her arms. Sariel’s breaths were short and shallow, but she smiled and said: “The ‘Evil Eye’ saved all of our lives. I’m counting on you guys now...” With that said, Sariel fainted.

        Suddenly, booms rang from behind Raphael. The other Keepers had all recovered; they spread their wings and flew toward the center of the storm, aiming their weapons at Lucifer. Raphael was also ready to join the battle, but suddenly felt powerless when she recalled Lucifer easily annihilating her jellyfish-like creatures with a mere slash, as if her water elements were nothing to him. Gazing at the long spoon in her hands, Raphael murmured, “Will of any help...?”

        A ray of white light cut across the sky. As Raphael looked up, she saw Lucifer thrusting his spear at Gabriel. Luckily, Gabriel was light-footed and he ducked to dodge the attack, but the spear still struck off a lump of his feathers. However, Gabriel wasn't intimidated by Lucifer's power and instead, seized this opportunity to conjure countless light spheres and hurled them at Lucifer from all directions. The spheres seemed to be attacking at random, but Raphael could tell Gabriel’s true intention after looking carefully — he was trying to create a chain to trap him, but his attempt was to no avail. With a forceful twist, Lucifer broke free from the chain of light spheres.

        Witnessing Gabriel’s failure to trap their enemy, Raphael could not help but ponder: ‘Even Gabriel is no match for Lucifer, let alone me...’ While Raphael hesitated, she heard Gabriel bellow. Without holding back, he launched another wave of attacks at the Keeper traitor. His eyes were resolute and his expression filled with agony and sorrow. Upon seeing this, Raphael felt warmth spread and flow through her like a strong current. She conjured water from her hands, which not only enveloped her spoon, but also elevated into the sky, defying gravity itself'. Shortly afterwards, the sky was raining upside down as numerous raindrops levitated into the sky.

        “Hm? Is it the attraction of elemental power??” Even Raphael was surprised by the water’s reaction, but an idea flashed across her mind as she felt immense power flowing through her body: Raphael tightly gripped her spoon before waving it around. In a mere while, she gathered the reverse rain into an enormous water sphere before hurling it at Lucifer with all her might. The water sphere advanced so quickly and forceful that Lucifer had no time to react before the sphere hit him. The sphere enclosed Lucifer and elevated as it grew bigger and bigger.

        Uriel was shocked by this sudden change of events, especially because the water sphere looked like a protection barrier for Lucifer. She immediately yelled at Raphael, who was still standing on the ground: “What are you doing? Are you trying to protect him?” With that said, Uriel lashed down her spear, hoping to break the water sphere and slash Lucifer at the same time. To her surprise, her fiery slash was able pierce through the water sphere and hit Lucifer without damaging the sphere itself!

        “I see.” Watching all this at the side, Raguel murmured: “I am heading off to Enochian Tower now.” With that said, Raguel flew away from the battlefield. Knowing that the water sphere could hinder Lucifer’s movement, the other Keepers simultaneously attacked him as if previously planned. In a few seconds, both light and smoke ran amok inside the sphere, engulfing Lucifer whole.

        “This should work...right?” Raphael was heavily panting as the reverse rain slowed down. The water in Raphael's hands began to dry up, leaving only smoke in the sphere resembling a bomb site. After a while, Lucifer laughed and mocked the Keepers: “That’s all you’ve got? That shouldn’t be counted, not even as a warm-up.” With a pop, the water sphere bursted into countless water droplets and showered the barren land like falling arrows.

        Lucifer broke free from the trap and turned to Raphael with a disingenuous applause: “Hm...though the sphere wasn’t perfect, it was better than the jellyfish. Not bad, Raphael.” It turns out Lucifer was trying to break the water sphere by slashing it in his previous way, but the water was able to absorb his power and nullify his attacks. After realizing slashing didn’t work, he decided to use his spear. He gathered elemental power at the blade of his spear and thrusted the water sphere from different angles, giving no time for the sphere to mend itself. Eventually, the water sphere could not withstand Lucifer’s incredibly fast attacks and shattered like a glass.

        Although her attempt to trap Lucifer failed, Raphael did not give up. She raised her spoon and hurled water spheres at Lucifer again. In her heart, she kept praying: ‘Raguel...may wisdom grant you the ability to break the magic circle...’