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        Two parties of armored warriors stood on opposite sides of a grass field. One army consisted of more than a hundred soldiers; while the other only had dozens of militiamen. Both leaders wanted to claim this piece of land as their own and thus, a war ensued. However, seeing that they were going up against an outnumbered army of militiamen, the army of soldiers knew they were going to win. Suddenly, drum rolls broke the silence. The militiamen courageously yelled and split into three squads, each group running in different directions! The soldier army’s general had no time to think. He hastily ordered his men to split into three units and pursue the enemies: “None of the militiamen shall escape! After them!”

        Tracing their footprints, the first unit of soldiers followed their enemies into a forest. When they finally caught a glimpse of the militiamen, they hurriedly charged forward, but suddenly noticed that they could barely move! They then realized that they had accidentally ran into a swamp. The harder they tried to pull out their legs, the more energy it took to merely take a few steps. The militiamen just coldly watched the soldiers gradually sink deeper into the swamp...

        The second unit of soldiers came to a valley. When they were about to pass through, the militiamen suddenly turned around and charged at the soldiers with weapons in their hands. Shocked by this sudden change of events, the soldiers could only fight while retreating back into the valley. Just then, militiamen appeared from above and shoved rocks down the cliffs which then plummeted into the valley. Though the soldiers wanted to escape, it was already too late. Rocks rained down upon them: first blocking their way out and later crushing them.

        The last unit of soldiers, along with the army’s general, pursued the remaining squad of militiamen. When they heard that the other two units had been defeated, the general could not help but yell in surprise: “They’re just rural folks! How would they know to use such sophisticated strategies?!” At that moment, the soldiers arrived at a city’s wall, where a white-haired adolescent in white clothing stood at the top. The adolescent instructed the militiamen: “It’s time. Pour the boiled oil. In a mere while, victory shall be yours and my plans will all be perfectly executed.” “No problem!” The militiamen hurriedly went to get the boiled oil while their leader approached the adolescent: “Colin the White Dragon Rider! No wonder they praise you so much. You are indeed the cleverest strategist in the realm! We will offer you a satisfying payment when this is all done!” However, Colin only replied with a contemptuous gaze; his aim was never money. Just then, the militiamen came back, but not with the oil and instead, they brought a maiden and a tiny red dragon: “No good, White Dragon Rider! They drank all our oil!” The maiden replied with an innocent voice: “I’m sorry! I was really thirsty...By the way, the oil wasn’t too bad. It has a unique aroma. I liked it a lot!” This delicately devised plan was now sabotaged by this unknown maiden. The adolescent’s arrogant dignity and honor were immediately wounded, but the soldiers were already climbing up the wall; there was no time to argue with the maiden.

        ‘Darn! Using the White Dragon’s power doesn’t suit my estheticism, but I suppose I don’t have a choice...’ Whistling at the sky, Colin summoned a white dragon to attack the approaching soldiers. It flew toward the soldiers and forcefully swung its wings, shooting dagger-like feathers at the enemies. Simultaneously, Colin also unsheathed his sword and leaped onto the dragon’s back, together fighting the soldiers and their general. Known as the mightiest hunter, Colin easily triumphed over his opponents.

        Colin descended from the white dragon’s back as cheering militiamen gathered toward him, but to their surprise, the dragon let out a deafening bellow as their leader tried to pat on Colin’s shoulder. The adolescent then angrily yelled, “You filthy people! Don’t even think about touching me!”

        “Actually...why didn’t you fight in the first place? You are so powerful.” The leader asked with a hint of fear.

        “Humph! I could have solved the problem by only using my brain, so why should my dragon and I fight? Moreover...” The White Dragon Rider then angrily clenched his teeth and did not finish his sentence, but no one dared probe further. ‘If everything doesn’t go according to plan, then nothing’s perfect!’ Meanwhile, the white dragon beside him plucked a stained feather from one of its wings. After checking that its wings were clean, it looked content.

        That night, everyone celebrated their victorious battle and swiftly claimed the land. The maiden even joined them at the party, even though no one realized that she was the reason why they had almost lost the war. Just then, Colin grabbed the maiden by the neck and lifted her into the air. The red dragon dashed toward the maiden to help but was stopped by the bellowing white dragon which dived down from the sky. The adolescent glared at the maiden while he sternly said, “You’re not gonna get off that easily!”