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        To protect its brother Ghatanothoa from being devoured by its own insane alter ego, Atlach decided to leave and joined Azathoth’s reckless destruction in the universe. Only by this, Atlach was able to suppress its desire to destroy and engulf Ghatanothoa.
        Azathoth attached great importance to Atlach as it thought they were like-minded. Soon both of them had established certain bonding. Therefore, when it knew Azathoth was missing, Atlach stepped on the land of life where its energy left off——the realm.
        However, all that effort did not pay off. Unable to hold the inner emptiness, Atlach kept destroying frenziedly, until Yibb Tstll the follower of Azathoth showed up.
        “Atlach, I know where Azathoth is.” Yibb spread its right wing, giving out a weak crimson flame, in which there was a vague grinning face.
        “Fthaggua…that’s how little he has left...” Shocked, Atlach could not believe such an arrogant creature had fell weak.
        “Fthaggua was found and almost entirely devoured by Daoloth’s followers...but thanks to it, we now know the Azathoth’s location. And we need to bring it back.”
        Atlach and Yibb headed towards the destination——A bottomless hole, where Daoloth’s followers were one step ahead of them before they found Azathoth.
        “Atlach, leave this to me. You go for Azathoth.” Yibb blocked the attack of Ubbo Sathla the blue dragon to buy time for Atlach climbing up to the surface. Midway, it heard a familiar scream——
        “Ahhhhhh! Don’t, don’t destroy me——!”
        “It’s Ghatanothoa...My brother...No. Don’t eliminate this one-and-only beautiful existence...” Atlach sped up and saved the broken Ghatanothoa in the nick of time before Daoloth completely wiped him out. Then, Atlach took a leap to stay away from its attack.
        Even in a split second, Daoloth’s attack was powerful enough to tear off its body. The injured Atlach bore the pain to bring Ghatanothoa somewhere safe in the woods. As Ghatanothoa’s consciousness was unable to hold any longer, its body started fading.
        Gasping for breath, Atlach climbed on Ghatanothoa and grabbed its vanishing body with eight legs, releasing the spider silk made of Daoloth’s power.
        “My brother Ghatanothoa, I’m not gonna let your beauty perish. Your existence gives me hope to be perfect like you.”
        The silk slowly wrapped it up. But halfway, Atlach’s eyes turned red. Losing the power of Daoloth, it could not control the impulse of destruction occupied in the mind——“Swallow it! Destroy it!——”
        “NOOOOO——!” To stop this instinct, Atlach thrust its limbs into its body, attempting to repress the killing lust by self mutilation; at the same time, it kept on releasing the silk. Atlach’s painful scream was echoing through the woods non-stop, as if a blood-curdling tragedy repeating over and over again.

        Before Atlach fell into endless madness, it finally finished wrapping up Ghatanothoa with silk. The energy residing in which would slowly heal its scattered consciousness.
        “Wheeze…Urghhhh…I have to leave…I can’t stay here…” The fragile Atlach, regardless of its own injuries, took a leap at full speed to get away from Ghatanothoa as far as possible, until its consciousness had completely gone...