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        Tyr had suffered erosion from godly powers over a century. He had been fighting his enemies by the valkyries' side on the battlefields until his very end, when his consciousnesses ceased to exist. In the end, no matter how strong his will was, he could not stop the elements engulfing his soul. Then, the elements showed him a vision, to serve as some comfort for his soul that had gone through the hardships of life. In the vision created by the elements, Tyr had a different life...

        Tyr had been the magistrate of Aesir since his youth. When making a contract, people often invited him to serve as a witness; when discussing law and judgements, the tribesmen would trust him even more than Thor the tribal chief. However, as the tribe developed, Tyr gradually felt that his ability was not quite sufficient for his position. In the court, his emotions sometimes clouded his judgement leading to poor rulings. But he could only uphold his judgements as he had to retain his authoritativeness. Disappointed with himself, Tyr became dispirited. Later, Odin, the chief advisor of the tribe, invited him to take up a post in the army, where discipline was strict. He quickly earned their respect since he was fair in giving rewards and punishments, thanks to his experience as a magistrate, and was willing to fight by his warriors’ side. When the Northern Alliance was formed, the elderly Tyr was widely recognized as a wise general of Aesir, and was well-respected by the young people of all the tribes.

        Tyr was assigned to lead his troops along the border to set up a port, and circle to the back of the Demon army by way of the stream, in order to snatch back the land of Baldr.

        “General, please stay in our base camp!”

        “This battle is the key for the Alliance’s counteroffensive! I must command the troops, to ensure this will be a sure-fire attack!”

        Tyr’s troops took a short rest at Baldr. They would launch a two-pronged attack together with the troops of Völsunga the day after. All the warriors understood very well that even if they won the battle of attrition, it would be a pyrrhic one; so, they advised their general to stay at the base camp, instead of throwing himself into the fight together with the warriors.

        “General, if any accident happens on you, how would we tell Giallar?”

        “War is ruthless. Even if he is only a little boy, this is something he would still needs to understand...”

        “Don’t worry; I already understand!” The words shocked the warriors. They turned in search of the origin of the voice. What they saw was an excited boy held by a warrior.

        “General, he has been hiding inside the carriage. I discovered him only when I was checking the supplies...”

         “Giallar! How dare you come here? Your mother must be so worried!”

        Giallar, who had a big smile, suddenly burst into tears. The warriors did not know what to do. Giallar was the son of a deceased warrior; before his father died in battle, he was entrusted to Tyr. But Tyr could not have expected that this boy would stick by his side him all the time; even when he was out for battles, the boy would still secretly follow him.

        “Sigh... Listen: don’t cry, and lift your chin.” The tall Tyr held the boy and said. “Since you’re now on the battlefield, you’re one of my warriors; as such, you should listen to my commands, understand?”

        “Yes sir!”

        “Everybody get some rest to prepare for our victory tomorrow.”

        However, the battle that awaited Tyr’s troops was a fierce and cruel one. The Northern Alliance troops, which had originally planned a flanking attack together with the force of Völsunga, was attacked by the Dragon of Poison Nidhogg from behind. Tyr asked the warriors to attack the enemies before them to clear a path to return to their lines; while he and his elite units tried to hold off the mighty dragon. Yet, he still met his end on the battlefield. But after death, he was revered by the people of the North, as a symbol of bravery and glory.

        ‘Perhaps the objective of my continued fighting is actually the worship of my people. Although it has cost me my life, it has earnt me the reverence of my people. This is the true glory each warrior pursues!’