A lady was lying in an open area of Rahmin, with her hands holding at chest. She closed her eyes; her breath was calm and stable. After a while, dozens of apprentices stepped into the square and lined up one by one, preparing for everyday practice.

        Everyone’s focus was on this lady. She was completely still and motionless. They were not sure whether she was still breathing or already dead.

        At this moment, a man came over. All the apprentices stood straight immediately, gazing at him in awe. This man was the founder of Rahmin, Indra. As he sat cross-legged before his disciples, everyone followed but except a girl Parvati.

        She asked hesitantly as she looked at the lady, “Guru Indra, shall I wake up Shatarupa?”

        “Not necessary. She is practicing,” Indra answered calmly. Then, Parvati sat down and continued listening the preach of Indra.

        “ it’s already morning? How many days have passed since I practiced?” Shatarupa spoke in her mind. Her consciousness gradually regained; with her eyes closed, she was supposed to see nothing, but at this moment, she saw a ray of light.

        “Oh, that everyone’s prana...Beautiful...Em? The prana is ascending and connecting to each other...So am I. I see, everyone is linked together.” Shatarupa looked at herself; the prana flowing in her body was turned into a lotus, which came into blossom endlessly with its petals reaching all directions.

        Shatarupa sat on the petals, sensed the flowing of her mind and consciousness and traveled in her memories. Guided by her prana, she leaped into the sky, trying to touch that two blazes of scarlet light. When she reached out, a strong power pulled her back to the ground right away.

        Shatarupa sat upright suddenly; her abrupt action had freaked the apprentices out as they were paying attention in class. Parvati came over to check her condition. Shatarupa’s body was translucent, which means she was circulating prana.

        “Shata, you...just opened up the 7th chakra!” Parvati’s words had amazed everyone. In the entire sect, Indra was the first and only one who had opened up all 7 chakras. Most of the disciples only reached 3 or 4 at most. Now that Shatarupa successfully opened all, it means that she could match Indra in terms of chakras.

        “Congratulations, you’ve known this world,” Indra said gently.

        “Guru, I finally get the key to unlock all these chakras,” Shatarupa smiled sincerely while crying tears of joy. Everyone was extending their felicitations to her.

        As the crowd had gone, she saw Indra meditating in the atrium. He opened his limpid eyes, inside which were filled with boundless wisdom.

        “Shata, once entering purusha, there is no turning back. Are you sure to go?”

        Shatarupa had made up her mind. “Yes, only by entering purusha, I can save this world,” she smiled.

        “I guess your real purpose is not saving the world,” Indra closed his eyes. The words he said had wiped the smile off her face. Then, Shatarupa teased, “Guru sees through my mind. Right, I want to save him. I’ll risk everything to bring him redemption.”

        “Even though you know your effort won’t pay off, you still choose this tough path…” Indra heaved a deep sigh, gazing at the two blazes of scarlet light in the sky. “No matter what your real intention is, I’ll help you enter purusha as long as you can save the world.”

        Both of them had reached an agreement. Then, Indra announced to all the disciples that Shatarupa would be entering purusha, so everyone was preparing all kinds of supplies for this great day.

        Few days later, the time had come.

        Shatarupa cleansed her body with pure water, put on a white cape and combed her hair. She came to a dell, where Indra was already waiting there.

        Both of them communicated with their eyes. Shatarupa sat cross-legged; indra stood behind. After circulating prana, their bodies became transparent; iridescent colors were flowing within.

        “...This familiar feeling again...I feel like I’m melting…”

        Shatarupa was aware that Indra was using his prana to boost her chakras. Her consciousness had jumped back to the petals of that blossoming lotus once again. While she was ascending to the sky, a strong smell of blood filled her senses, forcibly pulling Shatarupa back to her body.

        When she opened her eyes and turned around, she saw Indra’s stomach was pierced through by a sharp weapon. His blood had spilled over her white cape. However, Shatarupa was not scared nor surprised at all.

        Then, Indra’s body was thrown to the ground. A burly figure showed up. Although she could not clearly see his face against the light, her heart already told her who he was.

        “I’ve come to you, Shata.”
A low voice reached her ears. Shatarupa then wore a sweet smile on her face...

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