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        Since the new governance, Florice had been working for the army general. Besides providing adult services, she was also secretly preparing weapons for him. When the production of the weapons was finished, Florice and a few of the other workers in the forge loaded boxes of weapons onto a wooden cart. They wanted to transport them to the general, but were stopped by the soldiers at the exit of the town...

        “Stop right there! Are you trying to leave? None can leave without the general’s express permission!”

        Upon seeing this, Florice quickly approached the soldiers and flirtatiously flaunted her shapely bosom: “Gentlemen, these are all for the general. Please let us pass.”

        However, the soldiers guarding the gate noticed the adolescents’ unease. They were suspicious about the goods: “There’s something wrong. Open them!” When the soldiers opened the boxes, they were all too shocked to respond — the box was filled with not only weapons, but also naked maidens.

        “What...what is this?” The soldiers said as they stared with dirty eyes at the maidens, their hands unconsciously closing in on them. Just then, Florice walked in front of them. She leaned forward and said, “Gentlemen, you know our general. These are ‘presents’ for his enjoyment.” Upon hearing that the “presents” were for the general, the soldiers hastily closed the boxes and apologized, “Our apologies! We did not know the “goods” were for the general! We will turn a blind eye and forget about what we just saw here!” Florice gestured the adolescents to push the wooden carts while she continued: “Thank you so much, gentlemen! The next time you come to my bar, I will make sure you get the best service.” The soldiers obscenely smiled and watched her leave until Florice’s figure completely disappeared from their sight.

        After exiting the town, Florice and the adolescents stopped under the shade of a tree. They ensured that their surroundings were safe and told the maidens to step out from the boxes. The maidens left before Florice and the adolescents delivered the weapons to the general. The general smiled with content after checking the types and numbers of the weapons. While the general complemented Florice, his hands did not just sit there but instead, enjoyed her body...

        “It looks good. I’ll push it from here.” On the way back, Florice said while pointing toward the road leading to a forest, “You’ll see another country on the other side of the forest. It’ll be safe there.”

        “Come with us! That fat pig’s gonna realize sooner or later, now that the town’s population is slowly decreasing!” The adolescents nervously said; seeing Florice get violated stirred their fury every time, but they did not know how to intervene. She merely shook her head and patted them on the shoulder: “I’ll be fine. Just go, or there won’t be enough time!”

        “You have saved our lives...We will never forget your kindness!” The adolescents and the maidens all thanked Florice. Many of the town viewed her as a traitor for selling her companions and for even opening a place for adult entertainment. Only those she freed understood the true intention behind her actions. All her sacrifices were to gain their enemy’s trust and help her companions escape.

        Florice waited until the adolescents’ figures vanished before slowly returning to the bar. The time to act was approaching; Florice started to plan her next action...