The old Druid told Boyciana of the origin of the feathered headdress: when she was still an adolescent, she and her companions had journeyed around for the welfare of animals. On one occasion, they had encountered an immensely powerful Demon. The Druids were vulnerable to the Demon’s magic flames. Yet, they had never thought that the sole remaining flock of white storks they had been protecting had leaped into the path of the flames, shielding the Druids with their bodies. They sacrificed themselves so that the Druids would have a chance to retaliate, and finally expel the Demons. Later, to express their gratitude, the Druids had made a feathered headdress that was linked to the storks’ souls. They even conjured wings of the mystical storks, and soared the sky on behalf of the deceased birds. Without knowing it, the Druids had inadvertently imparted power of nature onto the feathered headdress..

        “So, these white storks became extinct...just like my tribe.”

        “Silly child, aren’t you still here?”

        The old Druid gently patted on Boyciana’s head while the maiden nodded her head, and continued grinding herbal medicine for the old lady.

        That day, tribespeople unwilling to give up their homeland had fought against the soldiers until the very last moment, but were massacred by the well armed troops. The Druid awakened the wilderness in all of the forest’s animals, commanding them to attack the troops. Yet, the soldiers went as far as trying to burn the whole forest after withdrawing back to their camp. After Boyciana had put on the feathered headdress, she conjured a pair of wings from her back by calling on the power of nature. Gliding down from the air, she fluttered her wings to put out the fire, and led the remaining tribespeople away from the sea of flames.

        Well-trained soldiers regrouped their troops and gradually encircled the tribespeople. In the chaos, Boyciana was unable to find her parents; essentially, her only choice was to help the people to escape first. Yet, this left her separated from her parents ever since. The old Druid took Boyciana and the survivors to a cave where they hid and tended to the wounded. Boyciana searched for traces of her parents the whole time throughout the forest to no avail; disheartened, she could only accept that they had died in the chaos.

        Losing their home, the tribespeople dispersed. As for Boyciana who was left homeless and bereaved, she decided to stay with the old Druid and learn the principles of nature. They had been hiding among the mountains, paying close attention to the situation in the forest. Whenever a battle between soldiers and Demons broke out in there, not only would they safely lead the animals out of harm’s way, they would even join hands with elves to expel anyone damaging nature.

        Under the guidance of the old Druid, Boyciana grew increasingly competent in the use of the power of nature. She would appear in the realm of Human in the form of a stork. After the elderly woman’s passing, Boyciana even merged her soul with that of the stork, transforming into a powerful Druid. Spreading her white wings wide, she would soar in the skies, driving Demons and Humans alike from the forest, and thus protected the nature from the devastation of war.

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