The cannon “Devastator” was placed at the town square, surrounded by a crowd of residents. This grand scene was actually created by the order of the general, as he forced every resident to be present at the weapon testrun.

        Standing in the hallway, the smiling general greeted an elegantly-dressed old man, the king who invaded Florice’s nation. Although the residents resented the king for his invasion, there was nothing they could do to the heavily guarded army.

        “This is…” the king turned to the general as he saw Florice.

        “This is Florice. She’s smart. And the “Devastator” is done all thanks to her,” the general answered with a big grin.

        “Is that so?” The king scanned Florice cautiously. To ease his hostility, Florice leaned against the king with her bootylicious body. “I’m just a nobody. These are all the king and the general’s merit,” Florice said seductively.

        The king let down of his guard for Florice’s alurement. Meanwhile the general boarded the cockpit with the march of the army. Soon, the town square was filled with noises of the running machine and smoky steam. To target at the hill afar, the barrel started turning slowly while the engine was accelerating to accumulate energy. Even the air vibrated for the huge shockwave from the machine. Just when the cannon was about to launch, immense smoke and flame emerged from it!

        “It’s, it’s a breakdown! Sir please leave now!” Soldiers went to protect the king, but another “Devastator” and dozens of people appeared at a building nearby. Its barrel targeted at the square centre where the king was hiding. Meanwhile, Florice escorted the crowd out of the chaos to avoid massive casualties. Boom! The cannon was fired, blowing the square into a mess together with the king and the soldiers.

        “What, what happened?” the general was shocked by the wreckage after getting out of the “Devastator”.

        “Run, general! It’s the rebels! They’ve murdered the king!” The remaining soldiers grabbed the general to escape, and the general braced himself to run towards the gate. Yet the rebels caught up and both side got into a tough battle. At this moment, an appealing figure dragged the general.


        “Safety first, general. This way!” Florice pulled the general into an alley and made it to an underground passage.

        “General are you alright?” Florice asked worriedly.

        “I’m fine. Thanks for saving me in time. This passage can lead us outside the town right? We’ll be safe once we meet the rest of the army at the military base.”

        “Is there any reinforcement other than the base?”

        “No… Why did you ask?” The general asked as he sensed her hostility. Turning around, he saw Florice holding a dagger with an egoistic grin.

        “Florice, you…” The general was only shocked for a moment, and then his rage erupted, attempting to stab her. “Bitch! I’ve treated you so well, and betrayal is all you do in return? Go to hell then!”

        “You’re the one going to hell!” Florice moved behind the general and raised the dagger to stab his neck. Yet the general dodged the attack agilely, which didn’t seem like a fat man could do.

        “Guess I’m underestimated. I’ve survived countless wars and killings to make me a general! And no way am I weaker than a woman like you,” the general said. The general’s incoming attack was too fast to be avoided, forcing Florice to parry with her dagger. Clang! The hitting sound of weapons echoed in the underground passage.

        “Darn it! He’s way stronger than me…Am I gonna lose to this fat pig?” Florice hesitated.

        An arrow was fired in the general’s back all of a sudden, forcing him to retreat and jump aside. Meanwhile, a figure leaped to slash the general, targeting at his head! The general leaned aside, and then hit the attacker’s wrist to disarm him. When the general fought back, it startled Florice to scream, “Leader, watch out!”

        “You’re not gonna get it!” The leader said as he pounced on the general, grabbing him tightly. He held the blade barehanded and interrupted the general’s attack.

        “Florice, now,” the leader shouted. Florice instantly rushed to stab the trapped general. Yet the general struggled to wield his sword, cutting off the leader’s fingers. In this critical moment when Florice was about to be killed, the leader made a decision to bite the general at the neck. The pain stopped the general’s strike. This was the split second when Florice turned the tables and stabbed the dagger into his heart, ending the general’s life. It was too good to be true that her long wish had finally come true, making her hands shiver.

        “We did it. We’ve broken the shackles after all these years. The victory is ours!”

        Later on, Florice and the leader banished every remaining enemies, destroying the enemy’s base with the “Devastator”. Eventually the town returned into peace.

        “I don’t think they’ll initiate wars in anytime soon with their perished king. But I’m afraid wars will come back again in the far future,” the leader said worriedly.

        “Don’t worry. We’ve got the destructive weapon. And this war has raised the awareness of revolution. As long as our determination is strong enough, no one can take us down,” said Florice while she was changing his bandage.

        “Right. No matter how difficult is the situation, all we can do is struggling to find hope in despair, hoping peace will return to this town,” the leader mumbled, touching his palm that had lost all the fingers.

        “It will return to us!” Florice said and smiled. After all the spying and lies, there were no more disguises on her face but only the genuine smile with tears.

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