‘You’re nothing but an armchair strategist. I’m going to beat you with just one blow!’ yelled Sun Shangxiang excitedly. Zhou Yu said nothing and raised his hand to signal Sun Shangxiang to attack. From a distance, Sun Quan watched their battle. Sun Shangxiang slashed at Zhou Yu’s neck, who leapt backwards and dodged her attack quickly. She tried to punch him in the stomach while he was still in midair! Sun Shangxiang was right about Zhou Yu being an armchair strategist. He was not physically active, but he excelled at reading his opponents’ movements. Sun Shangxiang’s attacks were repetitive and straightforward, it only took him a few turns to predict all of her moves. He placed his palm on his stomach and seized her fist.

        Zhou Yu pushed Sun Shangxiang away and then taunted her again. After a few more turns, Zhou Yu thought they had fought enough, so he surrendered and said, ‘Miss Sun has had steady improvement, but her attacks lack unpredictability. It’s effortless to memorise her moves.’ ‘I-it’d be a waste of energy to fight you seriously. My actual strength is much more than that!’

        Sun Quan called Zhou Yu and Sun Shangxiang to his room. ‘There you are! I’ve got good news! Listen…’ Sun Quan kept them in suspense by pausing for a few moments before he continued, ‘I’ve decided to betroth Sun Shangxiang to you, Zhou Yu!’ ‘What?’ exclaimed Sun Shangxiang. She and Zhou Yu were both shocked by Sun Quan’s announcement. ‘I think you will make a good couple, considering how often you flirt with each other. Rejoice. you have a matchmaker like me!’ Sun Quan smiled radiantly, thinking he had created a relationship. However, he did not expect their reactions — ‘Zhou Yu is like my brother! I asked him to train with me only because I wanted to defeat him!’ exclaimed Sun Shangxiang; ‘I take care of Miss Sun like a brother. It was merely a promise to my friend. I don’t feel romantically attracted to her,’ said Zhou Yu calmly. However, Sun Quan just wouldn’t understand. He patted his sister and Zhou Yu’s shoulders, saying, ‘I know. It’s too embarrassing to admit your true feelings. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.’ Afterwards, Sun Quan laughed and walked away, leaving Sun Shangxiang incredibly incensed.

        ‘What do we do now?’ said Sun Shangxiang with a frown. Suddenly, an idea flashed into her mind, and she said, ‘I’ve got an idea!’ ‘Which is…?’ ‘You'll know. I've got a plan.’ Seeing how confident she was, Zhou Yu shrugged without saying anything. Sun Shangxiang’s plan turned out to be listing all of Zhou Yu’s shortcomings and flaws in front of Sun Quan. She thought it would be enough to change Zhou Yu’s mind, but he only saw that as an act of flirting. In the end, her plan only made things worse.

        Sun Shangxiang’s frown deepened. She thought nothing could stop Sun Quan anymore. At that moment, Zhou Yu said confidently, ‘I’ve got an idea. It’s going to work for sure.’ ‘Which is?’ asked Sun Shangxiang curiously. But Zhou Yu simply replied, ‘You'll know. I've got a plan.’

        Zhou Yu mentioned what he had seen in the State of Shu during his visit to Liu Bei to Sun Quan. He talked about Liu Bei’s increasing military power, Liu Bei’s great generals and Liu Bei's masterminds that served him loyally. Lastly, Zhou Yu assured Sun Quan that defeating Cao Cao would be effortless if Sun Quan united with Liu Bei. ‘The only thing I’m afraid of is that Liu Bei might become our greatest enemy after eliminating Cao Cao,’ said Sun Quan with worry. Zhou Yu nodded in agreement and said, ‘You’re right. Liu Bei will be the biggest obstacle to achieving Master Sun’s plan. But I’ve got a solution.’ ‘Huh? Say it.’

        ’Zhou Yu took out a letter from his sleeve and said, ‘I received this today. Please take a look, Master Sun.’ Sun Quan unfolded the letter. It said that Liu Bei felt attracted to Sun Quan’s sister. He hoped that he could marry Sun Shangxiang. As Sun Quan was reading the letter, Zhou Yu added, ‘The country supports the king; the people support the country; the family supports the people. Now, do you understand the importance of family?’ Sun Quan pondered Zhou Yu’s question for a moment and replied with a smile, ‘Family are the root of a country.’ Zhou Yu nodded and said, ‘This is our chance.’ ‘What about you?’ A woman’s face appeared in Zhou Yu’s mind. He replied with a smile, ‘My feelings are insignificant next to Master Sun’s great vision.’ Later, Sun Quan cancelled Zhou Yu and Sun Shangxiang’s betrothment. He ordered Zhou Yu to tell Liu Bei that he had accepted his request.

        Zhou Yu burned the letter after he returned home. He had copied Liu Bei’s handwriting to forge that letter. The truth was Liu Bei had never proposed marriage. It was all part of Zhou Yu’s plan.

        It’s all part of the plan.’ Zhou Yu sent another letter he had prepared to Liu Bei. It said that Sun Quan intended to betroth his sister to Liu Bei...

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