It was late night with the full moon hanging over the sky. The sounds of owl woke the student up from his dream. Turning around, he found Yuhuan disappeared.

        “Yuhuan?” The student looked around the house but she was nowhere to be seen. In fear of her suicidal intention, he ran out and searched. Finally, she was found in a river nearby.

        Yuhuan was bathing in the river; droplets slid down her silky skin under the reflection of the silver moon, dazzling like stars yet so unearthly.

        This eye-catching scene completely froze his movement. Suddenly, a swallowtail flew over from the woods. Black wings with a vivid blue pattern below were absolutely pretty. It hovered over Yuhuan’s neck and eventually landed on her shoulder.

        “Oh, even the butterfly is unable to resist her beauty.” The student marveled at first, but soon he was completely numb with shock——Yuhuan grabbed it with hands and tore its left wing apart cruelly!

        “What a beautiful butterfly. Let me make you even prettier.” Yuhuan praised with her eyes glistening. Then, she clenched her fist and put an end to its life. Dipping her hand into water, Yuhuan washed away the remains of the butterfly with a charming smile.

        “Only death can purify all the filth in this world.”

        Scared speechless, the student turned around, staggered along the road back to house and covered his head with sheets on the bed. While he was in a panic, Yuhuan returned.

        The student pretended to sleep; in order to avoid suspicion, Yuhuan walked lightly to the bed. Until she was fast asleep, he sat straight looking at this sleeping beauty.

        “...Charming elf...loves seducing men…” The student recalled the words of the guard leader, Yuhuan’s weird yet creepy behavior in the river and the place where they met. These coincidences sent shivers up and down his spine.

        Getting nervous, the student gazed at her arm covered by clothes. He reached out and pulled it down to reveal Yuhuan’s white arm, which had a round claret birthmark inside.

        “Dear, what’s wrong——” Yuhuan soon discovered his intention when she saw him holding her arm. Heartbroken, she burst into tears. “Are you suspecting I’m that elf?”

        His silence was considered as a tacit admission in her eyes. “If I’m not trustworthy to the love of my life, what is the point of living in the world!”

        Yuhuan ran out of the house immediately; Without seeing this coming, the student failed to stop her in time and went chasing after. The sunny weather suddenly changed into heavy rain. During the chase, Yuhuan came to a beach, walking into the water; and the sea level began to reach her waist.

        “Yuhuan, stop! You’re drowning yourself.”

        “This may be the perfect ending for me. I can’t bear to be betrayed by someone I love!” Yuhuan walked to the center of the sea with water rising to her shoulders. However, the student was still hesitant.

        “So your love is just that shallow. Goodbye, and thank you for all these happy days we shared.” The smile putting on her face was mixed with grief and delight, which was also the smile that made him fall for her.

        “No, nothing can stop my love for you!” The student strode towards Yuhuan; at this moment, water had covered his chin. Then he grabbed her hands.

        “Come Yuhuan. Let’s go back——” But they were shrouded in a giant shadow. A huge wave struck and pulled them into the bottom of the sea.

        Panic-stricken, the student struggled but still held her hand tight. Strong current pulled up her clothes and showed her arm. The round birthmark had become a blossoming red flower.

        “Only death can bring the love to the next level. To prove it, please die with me.” Yuhuan whispered to his ears; miraculously, the words were crystal clear even in the water.

        “She...has been covering that birthmark...with cosmetics…” The suffocating feeling kept distracting his thinking. Yuhuan touched the student’s face with both hands with an overjoyed smile. This was the happiest moment ever in his life. Then, he slowly closed his eyes, embracing the peaceful darkness…

        Dawn broke. A man walked along the seaside as usual. In the middle, he saw a soaking lady lying on the beach. Judging from the situation, it seems the tide had washed her up.

        The man ran towards her and patted her face gently. “Lady! Hey! Wake up! Are you okay,” he shouted worriedly.

        Her eyelashes trembled. Soon, she woke up, looking around with a sad face. The crystal-like drop of water on the eyelash had added charm to her beauty.

        “So...I failed again…” Yuhuan whispered in a mumble of voices.

        “Never mind. I still have time. One day I’ll die together with my true love.” She wore a sorrowful smile that fascinated his heart in an instant...

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