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        Andromeda stood beside the cliff at this utterly silent night, waiting until a figure walked into the moonlight—— a well-built young man Hercules. He had a sharp contour of a face; his frown could tell the solemnity in his character.

        “I feel safe whenever I see him; It feels like everything is gonna be alright whenever I lean on his broad shoulders,” Andromeda thought. She ran enthusiastically to Hercules, the childhood friend of Perseus and her, holding his arm like they were intimate. But clearly he was displeased.

        “Herc, you finally made it!”

        “Andromeda, it’s dangerous to go out late!” Hercules lectured her, distracting himself from the soft texture of her body and her pleasing scent.

        “Sigh. She isn’t aware of her charm…,” Hercules thought.

        “But I have a good news that I want Herc to be the first one to know. Master Apollo is taking me to Master Aether, and she’ll grant me the power to defeat the Zodiacs.” Andromeda said as she let go of Hercules and stood under the moonlight. She crossed her hands with her eyes closed.

        “And then I can avenge for our Perseus.” a drop of tear slid down her face. She looked so delicate, so vulnerable, hitting Hercules like a wrecking ball. He rushed towards and hugged her from the back. Two heartbeats echoed into one.

        “I can’t let you take this risk alone!”

        “Herc…” Andromeda shivered, unable to resist the warmth from behind. No matter how tough she acted, fighting alone still made her fear.

        “If Herc can come along… that would make me feel safe,” Andromeda was longing inside, but the decision was still not yet determined.

        “Perseus is also my best friend. I feel the same rage like you do. I want revenge for him too!” What Hercules said just cleared Andromeda’s hesitation. She turned around, stood on tiptoe and touched his face.

        “Let’s meet Master Apollo together tomorrow,” she said softly.

        Next day, Andromeda brought Hercules to the lakeside. Apollo was provoked immediately after he saw Hercules.

        “She showed up here with a man. Is this a joke?” The irritated Apollo was storming out of the scene, while Andromeda went after him.

        “Master Apollo, please wait——AHH!” Andromeda yelled, trying to call Apollo back. He kept walking until she screamed. Turning around, he found that the injured Andromeda stumbled, with a bleeding knee. But she was still trying to get up and run to him. Apollo’s attitude was softened, going over to help her up.


        “How can I compare with Master Apollo with such a little pain…It was all Andromeda’s fault, but Herc cares about me a lot. I can’t lie to him and go to the battlefield alone…” Andromeda begged Apollo, looking at him.

        “I’m begging you, Master Apollo,” she continued in a tempting tone, breathing lovely aroma. Apollo finally surrendered to her begging, heaved a sigh and nodded to approve. Andromeda instantly gave a broad grin and held Apollo’s hand, returning to Hercules.

        With Apollo’s recommendations, Andromeda and Hercules had an audience with Aether at the Holy Temple. Aether came down from the throne, scanned at the three of them, and her sight stopped at Andromeda. “Apollo has never pleaded with me like that,” Aether said as she was observing Andromeda.

        “Master Aether…?” The anxious Andromeda asked while blinking her innocent eyes.

        “So you have no awareness of yourself at all…But isn’t this interesting?” Aether smiled and took out two crystal spheres——shining light was flowing inside, keeping people’s attention to them.

        “Swallow it and you’ll possess the power to defeat the Zodiacs.” Aether handed the spheres to Andromeda and Hercules respectively. They both glanced at each other; then swallowed the sphere with the fear to unknown outcome.

        “This is the power of astralist? Amazing…” Andromeda closed her eyes, feeling the energy powering up her body.

        “Perseus, believe me. I’m gonna take out the Zodiacs to revenge for you!”