Under Tenessa’s instructions, Sumatra successfully drove away the intruder in her dreams. Therefore, the village chief broke the rules and allowed the two of them to return home. Instead of regarding her as an outcast, The kids now see Sumatra as a hero. All of the villagers were willing to approach her. Everything she was experiencing was so special and unique to Sumatra that she almost thought she was in a dream. She slapped her face to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Although the slap hurt, it made Sumatra happy.

        When night fell, taking the tapir, Sumatra and Tenessa entered the villagers’ dreams as usual. However, this night was different. Everyone in the village had the same dream about a desert. Every villager was wandering around in the desert, as if they were seeking for something more interesting outside the forest…

        It’s about noon, but the whole village was quiet.

        Only Sumatra was awake.

        “Mom! Dad! Aunt!” Sumatra shook her parents’ shoulders, but they were in a deep slumber, so was Tenessa. Shocked, Sumatra dashed outside, only to find the whole village was completely silent, with no vendor selling goods or kids playing outside.

        Along with the wind came shiny sand. Sumatra wiped her eyes that were filled with tears...She then fell down…

        “This, is...a dream? I’m asleep?” Sumatra covered her eyes to shield herself from the sand. “I need to find my aunt...Black piggie! Are you here?” After a while, the tapir “black piggie” ran to Sumatra. Sumatra immediately dashed into Tenessa’s dream, only to see Tenessa crouched down with sand all over her back. Upon seeing Sumatra, Tenessa weakly said: “Sumatra...The here again...Be careful...his sand…” With these words said, she fainted.

        “The intruder...sand...Could it be…!” Something struck Sumatra’s mind and a familiar voice echoed in her ears…

        “Long time no see. Are you sleeping well these days?” When Sumatra turned around, the intruder transformed into sand and attacked Sumatra. Sumatra immediately closed her eyes and used the black piggie to absorb the sand. However, the voice still echoed in her ears: “The trees are real, but dreams are like sand; you can chop down all the trees in this world, but you can’t count the number of sand in this world!”

        “Didn't I just absorb its real body?” A chill ran down Sumatra’s spine. After arranging a few tapirs to protect Tenessa, Sumatra entered her parents’ dreams…

        ...She went through all villagers’ dreams, but the only thing she absorbed was sand. She failed to track down the intruder.

        “Where is the real intruder...What can I do...” Sumatra felt helpless. Upon thinking of her parents, Tenessa, her friends, and the villagers, she fell asleep...She was so scared that she stopped herself from thinking of those thoughts.

        In the past, she wanted to stay in her dreams, but today, she wanted to stay in the real world.

        Seeing Sumatra shed her tears, the “black piggie” hugged her. Sumatra tightly held it in her arms, saying: “I’m afraid you are the only one I have left…” Suddenly, a thought came to Sumatra’s mind: She hadn’t been alone with her “black piggie” yet!

        “My dream! Black piggie, I haven’t searched my own dream yet!” Sumatra seemed to see the last ray of hope and the “black piggie” nodded in agreement. Sumatra pulled herself together. She rode “black piggie” and closed her eyes…

        The next thing she knew, she was in a shining desert.

        “You’ve finally found this place. How’s it? Satisfied with your dream?” Sumatra saw a black figure standing in the center of the desert. When Sumatra tried to absorb the sand, the intruder dashed towards her and covered her nose, sighing: “Wasn’t that fun?”

        Sumatra pushed his hands away and ordered her “black piggie” to pressed itself against the intruder. The intruder, who saw this coming, waved his hands and immediately transformed a sandstorm into a couple of sand tapirs, dashing towards Sumatra. The “black piggie” blocked the sand with its body, even though it was painfully injured by the sand tapirs. Sumatra had no other choice but to absorb the sand with all her strength until her stomach was full. Then, she exhaled the sand…

        Shining sand blew with the wind. The sand tapirs were gone, along with the intruder.

        Sumatra shouted with all the strength she had left: “You have every reason to like the desert, but don’t hurt the villagers…” Before she could finish her sentence, a shaking hand grabbed her and said: “Don’t drive me away…”

        Sumatra then saw the hand gradually transformed into a figure. He had sharp ears and sad eyes…

        “Who are you?” Sumatra was surprised to see the figure in front of her so innocent and she knew she couldn’t hurt him.

        “...Chauvin, but people called me Sandman...I don’t like that...”

        “Because you’ve been acting like a Demon!” Sumatra said: “Since I used Druid’s power to help the villagers, my life has been complete.” She held the Sandman’s hands and continued passionately: “This is my understanding of happiness!”

        The Sandman looked at Sumatra’s hand. Sumatra’s hands felt so warm that he realized dreams can be warm too. The warmth from Sumatra’s hand reminded him of his own tribe, his neighborhood, the girl he loved…

        Suddenly, Sumatra returned to reality and heard the villagers opening their doors while Sandman’s figure followed behind. In daylight, with his two trembling ears, he gave Sumatra a trustful look.

        Since that day, Sumatra had a new friend called “Chauvin” during the day who would then become her companion named “Sandman” at night. Together, they traveled through different dreams, guarding lives, emotions, and memories in the dreamland...

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