In a solemn hall, Sun Ce and Sun Jian sat in their high seats in the center of the hall. Beneath them stood three feudatories: one in charge of the eastern land, another overseeing the western land, and the last responsible for northern land. They all looked grim during the meeting.
        “The emperor is way out of line! His majesty has recklessly amended the state policy merely for the pursuit of pleasure. Now that the annual taxation has doubled, the people will live on the edge of poverty!” The eastern feudatory shouted agitatedly.
        “Worse still, we have to tribute ten thousand recruits. Obviously, the emperor wants to weaken our military power!” The western feudatory agreed.
        “I’m well aware of your concerns. That’s why we’re here to discuss these matters.” After a moment of silence, Sun Jian calmly responded: “Only by killing the emperor can our people be saved.”
        “Right, kill the tyrant and end this once and for all!”
        The eastern and western feudatories agreed to Sun Jian’s proposal; on the contrary, the northern feudatory remained grim without saying a word. Sitting behind his father, Sun Ce took notice of northern feudatory's oddness and asked: “Northern feudatory, you look pale. Are you alright?”
        “...I’m sorry. I caught a cold last night. May I see myself out?” Everyone had no objection. After showing his courtesy to Sun Jian, the northern feudatory respectfully said: “Please send a message to my castle about the details of the cooperation.”
        Afterwards, he left the hall with his servant. The eastern feudatory said as the north feudatory was out of sight: “Sure enough…”
        “What makes you say that?” Sun Ce was confused.
        “I heard that Cao Cao, the emperor’s key minister, has invited the northern feudatory to enter into the palace’s conspiracy. I’m afraid his majesty intends to draw him over to his side before our insurrection.”
        “Yes, I’ve heard of that rumor too. The emperor is interested in the northern feudatory's weaponry, so His Majesty might bestow him with more power. Beware of him.” The western feudatory reminded everyone.
        “But he is a man of integrity. I don’t think he is an avaricious villain.” Sun Ce defended the northern feudatory.
        “You’re still too young to understand the evil intentions of humans. Master Sun Jian, please advise him.”
        “Um...alright. In this battle, he will stand guard in the farthest place from the war, so everyone can be rest assured about that.”
        Sun Jian’s words had reassured the eastern and western feudatories, so they left at ease. There was only Sun Jian and Sun Ce left in the hall.
        “Father, do you think the northern feudatory has joined the emperor’s side?”
        “Then why don’t you put in the northern army ? We may lose the battle without them.”
        “Son, even if I insist on bringing them to battle, it’s useless if the eastern and western feudatories don’t trust them. This is my best option.” Sun Jian patted Sun Ce’s shoulder and left.
        “Is this really the better solution?” Sun Ce looked out a window and saw all the happy faces of the people walking on the street, which was also his driving force to fight for the people.
        “I hope all the hard-working people can get the rewards they deserve and I hope everyone can live in a peaceful country.”
        In order to achieve this ambition, Sun Ce went to the central palace with his army. They were going against Cao Cao's army. Cao Cao sternly shouted: “Sun Ce, how dare you bring your army to the palace without permission! Are you going to overthrow against the emperor?
        “The emperor is fascinated by fame and doesn't care for the wellbeing of the people. For the sake of our citizens, I’m here to annihilate the rot! Cao Cao, surrender for justice!” Sun Ce responded determinedly.
        “Humph! Soldiers! Take down these rebels!”
        Cao Cao’s army marched towards Sun Ce once they were given the order. Their weapons clashed and the battle was getting fierce. However, Sun Ce’s army was half the size of Cao Cao's army, putting Sun Ce at a disadvantage. Sun Ce raised his hand and ordered: “Retreat, soldiers!”
        “We can’t let them escape. Catch up to them!”
        Cao Cao did not want to miss this great opportunity and ordered his army to track them down. Sun Ce grinned as he realized this.
        “The plan is going well. They’re on the hook.”
        Sun Ce deliberately created a weakness so that he and his father could each have half of the troops. Sun Ce’s strategy was to lead Cao Cao’s army to a cliff where Sun Jian would ambush Cao Cao by drawing the enemies' attention and pretending to lose and flee. Together with the armies of the eastern and western feudatories, they would attack Cao Cao from three fronts.
        Sun Ce galloped towards the cliff as planned. He saw Sun Jian but also noticed something was wrong——his father was under duress of the eastern feudatory.
        “Sun Ce, we were set up! These two are the traitors!” Sun Jian shouted.
        “Two? Are they…” Sun Ce looked back and saw the western feudatory was actually on Cao Cao’s side. He was holding the skull of the northern feudatory.
        “You betrayed us!” Sun Ce gritted his teeth while Cao Cao smiled and said: “Haha! I love that desperate look on your face. My efforts are not in vain. Soldiers! Get this traitor!”
        The soldiers obeyed his order and immediately surrounded Sun Ce. Although Sun Ce and his army fought hard, they were gradually forced to the edge of the cliff.
        “I’ll never die on your filthy sword!” Sun Ce immediately jumped off the cliff and fell down the rapids. The impact crushed his red bamboo tube, from which a bizarre flame flew out towards the far south...

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