17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 3

        At the hillside of the Heavenly Kingdom, a burly man was controlling copper rings across the sky with Xian energy, but they stopped and fell down into meadow halfway.

        “Another failure?” Kuafu, scratching his head with a smile, looked at the copper rings ahead. “Guess the Xian energy is far from enough.”

        “If she could just give me that, the result would have been improved. Sigh, but counting on that stubborn sister?...I better do it myself.”

        When Kuafu took the rings back to his workshop, he heard someone’s scream midway. Following the voice, he found a young man cleansing his wounds at the riverside; some cuts were on the back that was unable to reach by own hands.

        “He is...sister’s disciple...The name should be Dongwanggong,” Kuafu thought.

        “Are you injured? Let me help.” His kind offer alerted Dongwanggong.

        “Master!” He wanted to make a salute, but got stopped by Kuafu.

        “It won’t be necessary. After all no one treats me like a master here.”

        Although Kuafu was Shennong’s top disciple, his mediocre performance made other Xians look down on him. The only thing he was interested in was studying some sort of bizarre relics.

        “Anyways, enough about me.” His exaggerating gesture amused Dongwanggong, who sniggered for a while.

        “Why are you hurt? Those cuts...were made by different weapons...The Xians did this, right?” Kuafu figured out with just a glance.

        “Humph! That lazy, dirty bastards forced me to hold back in the contest! It’s not fair!” Dongwanggong felt angry.

        “I know how you feel. But if you’re pushing yourself too hard, you’ll surely lose out.”
        “Even so, I have to prove my strength to them. I’m the right one!” Clenching his fists, Dongwanggong was beclouded with indignation. Then, Kuafu stopped saying anymore, treated his wounds and returned to the workshop.

        He had never expected that they would meet each other again later, under a very bad situation.

        In the sunny afternoon since they encountered, Dongwanggong was planning to practise in the training field, but he was interrupted by three Xians from the outside.

        “Wow, aren’t you the so-called strongest Dongwanggong in the Heavenly Kingdom? You’re not supposed to show up here. This is a training area for dummies like us.”
        “Yeah. I don’t wanna be hurt by your mighty power. Please, go find another place.”

        Their taunts had provoked Dongwanggong, glaring at them with rage. “If you don’t like me, just say it like a real man!”

        “Wow! So scary!” The Xians obviously didn’t give a damn about his anger. When both parties were about to settle this down with fists, a strange noise was approaching together with a shadow.

        As they stopped to look up to the sky, a burly figure jumped down, cracking the ground to pieces.

        “Master!” Dongwanggong knew him——It was Kuafu, riding a pair of copper rings with a sceptre on his hand. He greeted Dongwanggong with a smile, as if he was unaware that he almost crashed Dongwanggong to death from above.

        “That was close! I’m testing my new invention! Gladly It didn’t hurt you both——Woww!” Before he finished the conversation, the rings started moving, wobbling again. These dangerous gadgets once again triggered the nerve of the Xians who had just survived that crash.

        “He, he is that freaky master! It’s rumoured that he has killed Xians with his relics.”
        “Gosh! Run!!!” The Xians let go of Dongwanggong then fled.

        “Hey hold on! Stop running! These things are gonna chase——” However, they could not hear Kuafu’s advice anymore, running away like chicken. The copper rings were triggered to drag Kuafu catching up with them at high speed. When he was about to crash down——

        Dongwanggong parried the rings with a sword; varicose veins were popped out on his arm as he took the strong impact. Letting out a roar, he enchanted the sword with Xian energy to fend off Kuafu and the rings few feet away successfully.

        However, the battle had not come to an end yet. The Xians, numb with shock behind Dongwanggong, yelled when the rings started moving. “They’re coming again!”

        This situation left the Xians at a complete loss, but Dongwanggong was an exception. He kept an eye on the rings with the greatest focus. The second when the rings dashed over, he wielded his sword twice as fast as lighting in a split second.

        Whoosh! Two copper rings were slashed into half; Kuafu also lost his balance, falling down from the sky. The tumble had pained him to scream as he touched his butt.

        “Impressive sword technique! Mind to teach me?”
        “It’s our fault looking down on you before...Please forgive us.”
        Dongwanggong’s valiancy and breathtaking strength had touched the hearts of the Xians, who began to admit him in all sincerity.

        While everyone was giving their allegiance to Dongwanggong, Kuafu left discreetly, returning to his workshop. Then, he saw the elegantly-dressed Xiwangmu at the doorstep. She was Kuafu’s sister, and also Dongwanggong’s master.

        “Thanks for your help, brother.” Xiwangmu was exuding with charm that it was too beautiful to take one’s eyes off her.

        “I guess that boy won’t be ruled out by his peers anymore...I’m surprised that you would request my favor in this…You kinda like him, don’t you?”

        Kuafu was sounding her out; Xiwangmu could not take it and turned off the question instantly. “It’s none of your concern. And take this. It’s what you’ve asked for.”

        Xiwangmu took out a box, containing two bundles of hair tied with silver satin. Kuafu’s eyes glittered as he took it.

        “Your hair is absolutely the best, tough and durable after all these years enchanted with Xian energy. I’m sure it can help me to develop that masterpiece.”

        “What is it for exactly?”

        Kuafu looked at the hanging sun with a deep smile. “Of course racing with the sun!”

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