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        In the realm there was a powerful nation which possessed a vast territory divided into four lands known as the East, South, West, and North. They were owned by 4 feudatories under the emperor in the middle of the country. This immense power had corrupted the emperor. The country began to decline under his regime.. The southern feudatory’s Sun Jian united with the other three against the emperor in hopes of bringing peace and harmony to the country…
        ’Father, Sun Ce, be careful. I look forward to your triumphant return.’ said Sun Quan, worried for his father and brother.
        ’Haha! Don’t worry! I’ll return victorious!’ Sun Ce patted Sun Quan’s head and smiled, ‘Take care of our land while I’m out.’ Their father Sun Jian felt felt bad for Sun Quan.. He must join the battle to maintain their army’s morale. Sun Ce was in charge of training the soldiers and would be on the march as well. They had no option but leave the burden of governance on the youngest son, Sun Quan. Although worries filled Sun Quan’s mind, he pretended to be confident, ‘Leave it to me.’
        Sun Quan held Sun Shangxiang’s tiny hand as they watched their father and brother march away with the army. At that moment Sun Quan never imagined it would be the last time he ever talked to Sun Ce.
        Since Sun Jian left the land, Sun Quan temporarily took the position of the feudatory. At first he repeatedly made careless blunders in the meetings with his ministers. He forgot the agenda, miscalled the ministers, and mixed up the duties of the officials and the generals. The harder he tried, the more mistakes he made. Overhearing the ministers mocking him behind his back further damaged his confidence. He thought he could never live up to his father’s capability or his brother’s courage. Sun Quan claimed to be suck to excuse himself from his duties. Consequently, more and more problems piled up unsolved.
        One morning, Sun Quan’s mother visited him in person, hoping he would join the meeting. She knocked the door and his voice came from behind, ‘'I-I’m a bit under the weather today! The meeting will continue...tomorrow!’ He was pretending and she knew it. She dismissed the attendants and pushed the door open. Stepping inside, she found Sun Quan shrinking away in the bed. As she tapped his shoulders, he glanced at her and turned away, ‘I don’t feel well, Mother. Allow me to rest alone, please.’ ‘Just a few words. It won’t take long,’ Sun Quan did not look at her, but she continued softly, ‘A bird can’t fly without practice. If you give up just because of some minor setbacks, you’ll be stuck on the ground and envying the birds that glide through the sky for the rest of your life.’ Believing Sun Quan would understand eventually, she said nothing more and left. He pondered her metaphor…
        The next morning, Sun Quan’s mother came to his room to wake him up for the meeting again. However, he did not answer. As they fretted about what to do, the door flung open. Sun Quan, looking refreshed and energetic, stood in the doorway, ‘Morning, Mother.’ ‘My son looks gorgeous today.’ ‘Yes, thanks to Mother, I have realized the importance of my duties.’
        Sun Quan had his confidence back. He became fearless and ready to put his talent to good use. Later, he received a report of the battle situation. Sun Jian struggled in the battle against Cao Cao’s army. The other three allies from the East, West, and North had all turned to Cao Cao! Surrounded by enemies without reinforcements, the army of the southern land suffered a crushing defeat.
        Drowning in depression, shame, and the death of Sun Ce, Sun Jian became seriously ill and spent his days in the bed. His wounds were covered in pus and could not heal. He became progressively weaker. Eventually he did not even have the strength to swallow. On a quiet night, he had Sun Quan sat next to him. He spoke to him softly, ‘I’m.. guilty for Sun Ce’s death...and your suffering…’ ‘You aren’t, Father. You’ve done your best.’ ‘This land...our ministers...our all depend on you…’ Sun Jian exhaled his last breath and shut his eyes forever. He had entrusted everything he treasured to Sun Quan before dying. All of his around the bed cried. Sun Quan could not stop his tears. The feeling of helplessness overflowed in his heart again…