After Sun Quan’s father died, he officially inherited the title of feudatory. Later, Cao Cao murdered the emperor and took his place to rule the country. Sun Jian’s injury, the peace treaty, and the defeat had damaged the morale of his ministers and soldiers. It became worse when they realised Sun Quan would be their next feudatory.
        Sun Quan once temporarily led the land on behalf of his father. It proved nothing but his incapability.. This incapability remained after he officially became the feudatory. In the first meeting with his ministers, he crouched in his seat and played with his pet bird. He hummed, ‘The cute bird never got to fly and spent its whole life in a cage. Its wings are intact but there’s no difference from being broken. Why fight for nothing?’ The ministers stared at each other without words.
        An old minister stepped out and said, ‘Sun Quan, allow me to be blunt. A humongous amount of matters await your decisions. Playing shouldn’t be your priority.’ Sun Quan looked at him with annoyance. He reluctantly put down the cage and asked, ‘So, what’s the matter?’ The ministers listed what should be dealt with. Sun Quan yawned, showing his lack of interest in their reports. When the last minister finished, Sun Quan said casually, ‘Is that all? That’s it?' 'Yes, now it’s time for you to make the decisions.’ He paused for a moment and said, ‘These are nothing more than trivial matters. Just make your own decisions. Why bother me for every single thing? It distracts me from playing.’ He held the bird cage and walked towards the garden.
        The next few days, Sun Quan continued acting like that. He maintained his laziness despite others’ persuasions. The ministers could not tolerate Sun Quan anymore. They knelt in front of his study to beg for his change, but he refused to respond and never showed up.
        Months later, Sun Quan had not changed one bit and the ministers gave up on him. They reported all of the pending cases casually and ended the meeting. Their passion to contribute to the prosperity of their country was gone. One day Liu Bei of Shu sent an ambassador to invite him to join the war against Cao Cao. Sun Quan gave a perfunctory nod. ‘Okay, okay. Copy that. I’ll send someone to him and discuss.’ After the ambassador bowed and left, Sun Quan rejoiced, ‘Haha! I’ve been waiting for this moment!’
        A man stepped into the hall. His identity shocked the crowd. He was Zhou Yu, commonly deemed the cleverest military adviser from the South. He knelt on one knee and lowered his head to Sun Quan, ‘Master Sun Quan, we have eliminated Cao Cao’s spies. Besides, the training of the troops is done.’ ‘Excellent! No wonder they call you the cleverest man. Your reliability is admirable.’ Sun Quan stood up and straightened Zhou Yu, ‘I need a favor from you.’ ‘About Liu Bei?’ ‘His talent is necessary for us to root out Cao Cao. You know what I mean.’ ‘Yes, Your Majesty.’ Zhou Yu bowed and left to prepare for their meeting.
        Sun Quan looked at the generals, ‘I have a trained army. I hope you will continue training them until they become the best elites. ‘Yes, your majesty!’ Sun Quan pulled blueprints from his sleeves and handed them to the commercial officials, ‘Some of these are inventions that will improve the quality of life for our people. Others are designs of advanced weapons. Build them. I need the prototypes as soon as possible. ‘Yes! Right away!’ Sun Quan smiled and sat back, ‘For the the diseased and the living, it’s time to rise up against Cao Cao and take back what once belonged to us!’ As he thrust his arm upwards, a pennon with the name ‘Sun’ was hoisted high. He looked at his people firmly...

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