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        To seek the Gods who ruled the realm, Monkey King visited various mountains and Xian. On its way, it met a bull, together they traveled a long distance and many places. After learning courtesy and language of men in the realm of Human, they finally learned from Clairaudient where the Dragon King lived. Just as they were about to set off, the ascetics asked what they were looking for.

        “He flooded the land wantonly and seized the lives of many. He should be put to death for the sins he had committed!”

        “The Dragon King is one of the Gods who created the realm. How would he ever listen to a mere monkey like you?”

        “Then I will overthrow him and rule the ocean instead!”

        “No, you can’t!”

        The Xian tried to dissuade Monkey King yet this angered him. Monkey King would have beaten Clairaudient to death if the Xian did not stopped him all together. Yet after the incident, Monkey King noticed that it was still too weak. How could it chide the Dragon King, who had countless troops, if it couldn’t even defeat ordinary Xian? Since then, it devoted itself in asceticism, intended celestial power. It parted way with the bull and drifted in the realm of men for years. At the end it finally found a Xian and asked him for instructions.

        The Xian said leisurely, “You are the stone of outset and are full of potential. You just didn’t figure out the way to utilize it.”

        Monkey King was overwhelmed by happiness when he heard the Xian’s word and told him its attempt to take vengeance on the Dragon King.

        “Aha, this is no easy job, as the Dragon King was backed up by the Celestial Divinity!” However, from the grin of the Xian, Monkey King could tell that he had already agreed to the plan. The Xian drove away the others and said, “To me, it is just a piece of cake to guide you on your way to enlightenment. But you must swear a blood oath, that you will never tell anyone about me — ”

        “If I ever break the oath, I will peel my skin off and chip my bones, and my soul will be trapped in the innermost circle of hell, consigned to eternal damnation!” Monkey King said hurriedly. “I will tell the others that I reached enlightenment on my own and I will never mention about you!”

        “It is so frank of you! Do you have a name after so many years of adventure?” A hossu appeared out of nothing in the Xian’s hand as Monkey King shook his head. He started to write in the air with the hossu as a brush, “I shall name you Sun Wukong. All creatures are born without characteristics, and I embed my expectation to you reaching this conclusion someday on your own in your name.”

        “Sun Wukong...”

        “Yes! Sun Wukong! I will teach you sorcery and esoterica, but bear in mind that the secular world is menacing.” The Xian said conceitedly. “Remember today I bestow you the title of the Great Sage. I hope that you could be as honourable as the Heavenly Kingdom by following the right track, but not leaving the track and ending up in death!”