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        The aroma of barbecued meat surrounded a restaurant. Claiming that they sold legendary Ithaca pork which were known for their extraordinary flavor, the restaurant successfully attracted countless customers. However, it was not only the famous Ithaca pork that was drawing in customers, there was also a peculiar consumer in the restaurant. Although there was already a tiny pile of bowls and plates on their table, Sunnie was still gulping down pork chops one after another. The red dragon beside her even ate pork knuckles whole! The staff and customers were too shocked to continue eating.

        Sunnie suddenly raised her hand and yelled, “Five more garlic Ithaca pork chops, ten orders of Ithaca pork jowl, and eight Ithaca pork knuckles!” The waiter was surprised by her order and did not answer back until Sunnie called at him again. “...Coming right up!” He then walked into the kitchen with a helpless expression: “That girl just ordered a lot of food again!” “What?” The restaurant owner grabbed the ordering sheet from the waiter: “We can’t just let her eat as much as she wants! If she dines and dashes, we’re going to lose a lot! I’ll go tell her to pay now.”

        With the check in hand, the restaurant owner walked up to Sunnie: “Miss, we’ve run out of food. As you know, Ithaca pigs are extremely rare.” With that said, the owner placed the check on the table: “Now, please pay.” Sunnie glanced at the check and said, “I’m not gonna pay.”

        “What?! You’re gonna eat without paying?” The restaurant owner berated Sunnie.

        Holding the check in her hand, Sunnie stood up on her feet and read the dishes aloud: “Fifteen garlic Ithaca pork chops, thirty Ithaca pork jowls, twenty Ithaca pork knuckles, ten Ithaca pork fried rice, and twenty-three salads with Ithaca pork slices. I didn’t have any of these dishes.”

        The restaurant owner then banged the table and angrily yelled, “Everyone, you’ve seen her eat our food, haven’t you?”

        Sunnie only smiled and continued: “Okay. So you want to argue, huh? Yeah, I ate your food, but nothing listed on this check, because you don’t sell Ithaca pork.”

        What Sunnie said immediately drew other customers’ attention while the restaurant owner’s expression slightly changed. He took a second to calm down before refuting, “Hey, you’re defaming us because you can’t pay!”

        “Welsh!” With Sunnie’s summon, a small red dragon threw a pink pig onto the table. The pig was so heavy that even the utensils on the table fell off. She leaned forward, sniffed the pig and stroked it before standing straight with a smile: “Ithaca pigs look the same as ordinary pigs, but they don’t have short hair. Moreover, Ithaca pigs also exude a special smell which resembles a mixture of fruit and mint, but this pig in front of me only has a stinking odor.”

        The restaurant owner could not defend himself anymore and silently kneeled on the floor. Sunnie then crouched down in front of him and pointed her finger directly at his nose: “What you’re selling here are only ordinary pigs after preservation. Now that I have made it clear that I haven’t eaten a single item on that list, I don’t need to pay, do I? Nonetheless, I did eat a lot here...” Sunnie put a pouch of gold coins on the table and turned to leave. Just as she was about to step out of the restaurant, she looked back at the restaurant owner and said, “Your cooking skills are indeed sophisticated. Stop deceiving customers as a way to run your restaurant!”

        As Sunnie walked away, she secretly took out a Xian-power imbued peach from the red dragon’s pouch, but the dragon noticed her and pulled the pouch closer to itself: ‘This is the last legendary peach!’ “But I really want to eat it! We don’t know how long we’ll have to wait until we can have legendary dishes again...” ‘You’ve already eaten four of the five peaches! What are we going to say to Hunterville if you eat the last peach?’ “You also ate some of them!” As they argued, they continued their search for delicious food.