Sunnie’s stomach growled as her weak body lay on the ground: “Mm...I’m hungry...” The red dragon beside her sighed and said: ‘Even the last Xian-power imbued peach went into that stomach of yours, and you still dare say you’re hungry?’ “But my stomach is really calling out to me for help!” ‘Sigh...when can we really finish our mission...’ “Don’t worry! I’ll save my appetite next time!” While Sunnie and the red dragon argued, a man approached them from not far away...

        “Are you the one searching for Ithaca pigs?” Sunnie looked up and saw a man bending down to talk to her: “I know where you can find that kind of pigs...”

        “Really?” Upon receiving information about Ithaca pigs, Sunnie hurriedly sat up. The man took out a map from his pocket and continued, “To my understanding, there is a cave among these mountains that reside Ithaca pigs, but I’m afraid of being assaulted by bandits or beasts, so I’d like to join you. What do you think?” The red dragon felt something amiss, but before it could dissuade Sunnie, she already answered, “My name is Sunnie. Nice to meet you!” “I’m Avery.”

        With the help of Avery’s guidance, the three of them departed from town, went through a forest and valley, and arrived at an enormous cave. Avery’s expression was peculiar as he stood far away from the cave’s entrance and dared not take another step. The cave was completely dark and sounds of animals’ heavily breathing could be heard.

        “The Ithaca pigs are inside. Go and get them!” Avery said to Sunnie.

        Sunnie carefully stepped closer to the cave and sniffed the air. She then turned to face Avery, angrily grabbed him by the neck and lifted him into the air: “Why did you lie to me?” “I, I didn’t...” “It’s the smell of a monster! There’s no way it’s an Ithaca pig!” Her grip tightened as she spoke, making it difficult for Avery to speak: “Sor...ry...but I...need mum...” As soon as he finished his sentence, a roar came from the cave before a gigantic monster emerged. It seemed extremely angry from being woken up. It scanned the intruders and charged at them.

        Sunnie released Avery and hurriedly drew a magic circle on the red dragon. Purple light radiated as the small dragon returned to its original size. Without wanting further orders from its master, the dragon flew into the air and dived down to strike the monster. The scene in which two gigantic creatures fought each other was chaotic.

        Seeing that their fight was going to end in a tie, Avery nervously asked Sunnie, “Why don’t you go and help? If it loses, we’re all gonna be eaten!” He turned to look at Sunnie and it was not until then did he notice her weakly sitting on the ground: “ hungry...I have used up...a lot of that...magic circle...”

        Just as Avery was about to leave Sunnie behind and run for his life, the monster screeched in pain! The red dragon had subdued its enemy by pinning down its four limbs and biting its neck. The monster still struggled for a short while before it eventually became motionless. The red dragon then used its forelimb to wipe away the blood on its face.

        After the monster’s defeat, Avery dashed into the cave, but later came out disappointed: “Rumor has it that there were countless treasures in there. How come...” Sunnie only approached the monster and sniffed it before taking out a knife and cutting a slice of its meat. She walked to Avery and said, “This meat is wonderful. If we add mint and smoke it, it’ll be a one-of-a-kind delicious dish! I think what they meant by ‘treasure’ is the monster itself.” “Maybe.” Sunnie shared half of the meat with Avery and parted ways with him, continuing on her journey.

        ‘Although we don’t have the legendary peaches, we can use this meat as substitution and take it to Hunterville, right, Sunnie?’ The red dragon thought they could finally finish their mission, but when it turned to look at Sunnie, she was savoring the monster’s delicious meat! Unable to suppress its anger again, the dragon bellowed: ‘Ah!!!! That’s enough! Stop eating!’ “But I really really really want to eat! It’s really delicious!” Their argument continued as they struggled to take the meat away from each other. It seemed like there was still a long way to go until they accomplish their mission...

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