Staggering along a bustling street, Wei Zhongxian followed behind a beautiful, carefree “girl” with his hands full of shopping bags.

        Knowing that Zhongxian fell behind, the girl puffed out her cheeks and mumbled, “why are you so slow? I’m just halfway done with my shopping. We’re not gonna finish it today with such speed!”

        “What!?” He lost control.

        “Is this a complaint?” The girl stamped her foot as she pouted. “No one is forcing you here. I can find a substitute anytime. There are tons of guys who’d like to shop with me.”

        “I’m running out of cash. If I can’t afford her shopping,, she’ll surely look down on me...No! I’ve been through so many to win her heart and I’m not giving up right now!”

        Zhongxian buried the thought in his mind. “No, I’m not complaining of course. I’m just afraid that you’ll be exhausted,” he said as he barely squeezed a smile.

        “I won’t as long as you’re with me.” The girl smiled delightfully. Mesmerized by her bright smile, Zhongxian’s vexation about money had completely gone.

        “Look, there is a jewelry shop ahead. Let’s go.” The girl held his hand and walked energetically.

        “What an idiot. He can’t even tell my gender...Well, I was born to look that pretty, so I don’t blame you at all.” The sissy boy Zhao Gao smirked in his heart.

        As both of them arrived at the jewelry shop, the owner greeted them warmly and introduced the rare jewels one by one. Watching these amazing jewelries, Zhao Gao could not take his eyes off it. “I’ll buy all of them.”

        “Thank you very much. I’m going to wrap them up nicely for you.” The owner jumped with joy as it was a stroke of business. However, Zhongxian’s reaction was quite the opposite. His heart sank even deeper when he heard it.

        “Don’t you want me to dress pretty,” Zhao Gao asked as he saw Zhongxian’s frown.

        “No, not at all. I just——” Zhongxian talked out finally, “I just don’t have that much cash.”

        “That’s easy. Go borrow money from Cixi, just like before.”

        “...That loan shark won’t do it again.”

        “Aw.” Zhao Gao grabbed Zhongxian’s arm with a smile. “Don’t be such a fool. Just find another loan shark and problem solved, right?”

        “It’ll be impossible to pay off the debt if I keep doing that, but…” Zhongxian’s heart raced as he looked at the charming face of Zhao Gao. “I’ll do whatever I can to make her happy.”

        Later on, Zhongxian went to another private bank and signed a loan contract. While he was waiting for the money, he gazed someone sneaking in from a secret door.

        “That person is Cixi’s man! Someone must have ratted me out and told Cixi where I was. I’ll be doomed if I get caught. Gotta run!” Zhongxian turned around and fled.

        “We’re spotted! Go Catch him!” As the staff shouted, a bunch of men showed up and gave chased to him.

        “Tut! Sooner or later I’ll get caught! Gotta find a plan...Got it!” Zhongxian sped up heading towards an apple’s stall!

        Bang! The whole stall was knocked down; All apples were rolling down the ground. Those men, who did not see it coming, stumbled on them and fell.

        Zhongxian captured this chance to sneak into an alley. He managed to stay away from the men until he made it to a hidden cave, which was his hideout.

        Exhausted, he walked inside the cave but bumped into a burly man. Zhongxian was startled out of his wits. Right as he figured out who it was, he felt shocked.

        “Lianying! I thought you were captured by Cixi…” He continued as he patted Lianying’s shoulder, “as a true bro, I’m glad you made it.”

        “...Sorry.” Lianying then held Zhongxian under his muscular arm.

        “Lianying, what are you doing!?”

        “I asked him to do this.” A woman voice echoed in the cave, then a gorgeous lady showed up.

        “Lianying you dare to betray me!” He cringed in fear after hearing Zhongxian’s roar.

        The lady patted Lianying’s back with a grin, but there was no kindness could be found in her eyes. “Wei Zhongxian, you cheeky chappie, if you didn’t deceive him into signing that guarantee contract, he wouldn’t have worked in my place for paying off the debt. How could you still accused him of betraying you!? What a prick.”

        “...Humph, it’s because he’s too stupid.”

        “So he has woken up to reality and helped me catch you.” The lady approached Zhongxian and squinted her eyes. “It’s your due date.”

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