Zeus and other Gods were in the temple while incessant irritating booms sounded from beyond the doors. The Gods discussed countermeasures; they were all vexed, as none had ever thought such a day would come. In the middle of the temple, Zeus sat, stroking his chin. Frowning, Zeus’ expression appeared both annoyed and furious. The banging and shaking of the doors intensified. Although Gods and their soldiers resisted with all their might, the ceaseless attacks from Summoners and the Courts of Zodiacs were beyond their what their defenses could repel. It was just a matter of time before the doors would burst open.

        “Gods, follow me. We shall show them the repercussions of offending Gods!” Apollo said while leading Gods to the doors.

        Just then, a boom came from the door; a soldier walked to Zeus and panickedly stammered, “The, the doors have been breached!” This abruptness of the announcement shocked all those present. Zeus, who had previously been silent, suddenly hammered his fist onto his chair, prompting myriad bolts of lightning and peals of thunder from the sky. Other Gods dared not speak, for they had never seen Zeus so enraged.

        Zeus rose to his feet. He walked to the door, his godly power increasingly palpable with every step. Powerful lightning bolts forked from around his body; godly power radiated with growing intensity. Hephaestus approached Zeus, still hoping to dissuade him: “Father, please calm down!” To everyone’s astonishment, a bolt of lightning hit the floor next to him.

        Since the day he had set foot onto the realm of Humans, Zeus had planned to seize the elemental power of the realm, and to create his utopian “Olympia” with such power. He arrived the realm with the guise of Humans’ savior. Through sealing a portion of his power in his armor, he also changed his own appearance in the image of mankind. That way, he could gain their trust and be worshipped. The plan was originally progressing as he had planned, but this changed when Summoners successfully climbed Enochian Tower and thus revealed his scheme.

        Zeus could no longer repress his anger, having his success so near but snatched away at the last moment. He instead focused all his rage on Summoners and the Courts of Zodiacs aiding them, planning to eliminate these troublesome nobodies...

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