There was a grand manor embraced by a serene lake in the Heavenly Kingdom. Although it was out of season, lotuses were still in full blossom on the surface; aroma of which filled the air. The dreamlike place was He Xian'gu's residence.
        The sunlight shone into a window of the bedroom, waking her up from an afternoon nap. Her long but curly eyelashes fluttered. She opened her beady, watery eyes slowly, like an angel melting your heart.
        He Xian'gu, who wore an elegant, gold chiffon dress to show her silky smooth legs, got up and walked towards a dresser; her long hair was coated with golden sunlight.
        Sitting down in front of the dresser with a smile, she seemed to be in a good mood today. When she was going to put on makeup with an eyebrow pencil——
        The entire Heavenly Kingdom was shaking suddenly, which also caused her hand to shake during the makeup; her right eyebrow did not go well. Disrupted by the shock, He Xian'gu began to feel annoyed.
        “It's okay. I can fix my eyebrow. Relax.”
She calmed down and began to draw her left eyebrow. Then——
        Bang! Boom!
        The continuous ground shaking destroyed the tranquility of the Heavenly Kingdom. At the same time, her eyebrows were as big as caterpillar.
        He Xian'gu's eyebrow pencil was broken into half all of a sudden. Her shoulders kept trembling; she stood up, gritted her teeth and said, “...Dang it! Who dared to ruin my mood! I swear I'm gonna break you into half!”
        Flying into a fury, He Xian'gu summoned a lotus seat and headed towards the northern shore of the realm of Humans. It was where the earthquake came from. As soon as she arrived, she was horrified by scene in front of her——The rock hill was blasted to half; holes were everywhere on the sands; and the trees were broken and fell.
        “It's...horrible!” He Xian'gu sped up and saw two men fighting on the coast. Everytime their weapons clashed, the earth and the ocean shook accordingly. Obviously, the shaking of the Heavenly Kingdom was caused by them. “Stop! Zhongli Quan! Cao Guojiu!”
        “Shut up! Don't you see we're busy?” Cao Guojiu waved his crimson board towards Zhongli Quan's legs, but the blow was parried by a giant fan on Zhongli Quan's hand. A gust of shockwave was given out when their weapons clashed, which was strong enough to blow He Xian'gu away. She immediately circulated Xian energy to help balance her body and withstand the wind.
        “Right! It's none of your business. Get lost!” Zhongli Quan warned her.
        Their poor attitudes had driven He Xian'gu mad. She was red with rage; her wild eyes began to fill with bloodlust. Taking a deep breath, He Xian'gu manipulated Xian energy in her body; her hair was flying in the air, as if thousands of ferocious vipers. When her energy was getting stronger and stronger——
        Boom! A gigantic lotus, even bigger than a mountain, emerged in the sky and crashed into Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu. Both of them screamed with fright as they were under the lotus.
        “No more fighting! Otherwise you guys will be crushed,” He Xian'gu said seriously.
        “You...You're crushing us now...!” Cao Guojiu groaned with pain.
         “Finally, you're listening.” He Xian'gu came up to them and asked, “Why are you fighting with each other?”
        “Because Lü Dongbin wants to take all the credit away from us!” Zhongli Quan cut in on a discussion.
        “Right! The talisman used by Taishang Laojun to seal the demon has been torn off. The pieces were scattered in the mortal world. However, he tried to hide the fact from us and get them all with Li Tieguai. He's too selfish!”
        “So you guys are here for the pieces, then quarreling about it, then fighting for the credit also.” He Xian'gu knew their personality well. They always loved competing with each other. Although she found out the reason, she still looked at them with a frown.
        “The talisman? I haven't heard of it from Taishang Laojun. If there is such an important thing, he would have told us...I better ask Lü Dongbin.”
        “Oh, he is on the coast too. I just saw him.”
        He Xian'gu retrieved the lotus and went to find Lü Dongbin with Zhongli Quan and Cao Guojiu. Before long, they saw him playing chess with Li Tieguai.
        “Lü Dongbin,” He Xian'gu called. However, he simply concentrated on the chess and did not want to get distracted. “Don't you know I'm busy? Get lost.”
        He Xian'gu would not give up easily. She put a piece to a corner on the chess board. Lü Dongbin was stunned as such move had checkmated Li Tieguai. He looked up and stared at He Xian'gu, who wore an unkind smile on her face.
        “I'm done...” Lü Dongbin began to sweat.
        “Now you're free, but there is one more rat nearby.” He Xian'gu turned around and gathered Xian energy on her fingertip; roots came out and stretched to a boulder.
        “Ah!” Someone let out a scream. Then, she pulled back the roots and dragged a boy out of the rock. “Han Xiangzi, you're involved in this matter, aren't you?”
        “It's none of your business. What a nosy aunt. Look at the wrinkles on your face——Cough!”
        “What did you just say?” He Xian'gu smiled as she squeezed his neck with his feet off the ground; Han Xiangzi was afraid and kept shaking his head.
        Letting go of her hand, He Xian'gu summoned the lotus seat and sat down. “Now, explain everything to me,” she glanced at them with a grin.

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