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        At the hall of underworld, a gemstone had turned into a gigantic dragon, asking Hades to lead him to heaven. Just as they arrived, Summoners had already started a fierce fight with Gods. Hades did not join the war and instead, hid in the periphery of the battlefield, observing the situation.

        Outside the hall, Summoners was yet to break Gods’ line of defence. Radiance of elements beamed across the whole battlefield, shining together with the sparks of the clashing weapons between heroic spirits and Gods’ warriors. Suddenly, a dragon howl attracted the attention of all present. Three dragons were hurling waves of elements at each other! One of which was the stone dragon Hades had brought here.

        Summoners seized the opportunity to launch attacks at the Gods; but Artemis, who had been garrisoning at the gate of the hall, also reacted and shot a number of arrows in retaliation. Hades had originally planned to stay and enjoy watching Zeus’ face contorted in anger, but an intriguing idea flashed across his mind. He stealthily withdrew from the battle area, and approached Enochian Tower.

        “There is no need to hide. I know you are here. Show yourself, Yog-Sothoth.”

        At the center of Nibiru’s grand hall, a scarab with a red eye on its back was hovering in circles. Suddenly, there were two of them, and their number incessantly doubled...In a mere while, the hall was occupied by the self-cloning scarabs. At the hall’s center, a hurricane of scarabs was formed; its spin accelerated, dragging all the scarabs into the middle. An egg-like sphere surfaced at the eye of the hurricane, before a female insect with a Human upper-body hatched from within —

        “Hm...a guest more unexpected than Zeus himself! Hades the God of Underworld, what have triggered you to come personally?”

        “Ha. So you are still into that kind of big entrance, huh?” Hades had no intention to hide his frivolity: “I just brought Zeus a big trouble. Can’t you hear the commotion up there?”

        “Of course I can. That’s why I have the mood to perform that big entrance.”

        “Yog-Sothoth. I will get to the point. Let’s cooperate.”

        “Cooperate? Hmph. You only wish to reap the benefits for yourself when I have to fight your enemy.”

        “Whatever. If you insist...” Hades shrugged, before he left without saying another word.

        “What exactly do you want?” Just as Hades’ figure was about to vanish, Yog-Sothoth asked. But her question received no answer.

        Zeus had always wanted to become the overlord of both heaven and the realm of Humans; Hades knew clearly about it. Summoners had now climbed Enochian Tower, and had learnt of Zeus’ scheme from Yog-Sothoth. They had gathered their power, and breached the entrance of heaven. Even the Thunderous Supremacy was forced to personally engage in the war. If Yog-Sothoth had agreed to conspire against Zeus, he would definitely assault the realm of Humans to release his anger. By then, Hades would only have to give the Demons a little push; they would surely seize the chance to take down the powerful God, and become a desperate trouble to Zeus.

        Hades wished Zeus to suffer from the backfire of his own plan, losing his very life and entering underworld as a soul of the deceased. But of course, it would be the best if he did not have to do it himself. However, the proposal to save the effort had been rejected by Yog-Sothoth; he must personally perform the task then.

        “Zeus...underworld is awaiting your arrival!”