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        Poseidon was slumbering in the ocean, but he was haunted by a nightmare. At this moment, the elemental flow extracted a memory out of his consciousness, drilling deep into the root of his agony…

        “Damn it...Zeus!”

        The trident was struck at the seabed, leaving a resentful crack that resembled the trauma of the trident owner.

        As Poseidon unleashed his rage in the deep ocean, his yell was sent to thousand miles away. Billows were raging and creatures were startled. All the marine lives, hiding behind rocks, peeped at the berserk god frighteningly.

        “What are you looking at...Fools who refuse to bow before me, die!”

        Poseidon was even more irritated when he sensed the gazes from the other creatures, so he swung his trident to summon torrents, flushing away the creatures. After a while of screaming, nothing was left in the dark but silence.

        Yet the silence was unable to soothe Poseidon, whose rage was still unable to put out no matter how many times the cold water was splashed on him. He lifted up his “legs”——two broken limbs below his pelvis with cross sections barely healed by godly power. It was caused by Zeus the King of God and also his brother.

        Back then, not only had Zeus believed that Poseidon could not control his overwhelming power, but he had seen Poseidon as a threat to his reign too. Therefore, Zeus embarrassed Poseidon in a gala, throwing him to the realm of humans. That crash landing on the sea had shattered his legs, turning him into what he was now.

        Despite the tremendous resentment, Poseidon was aware that he stood no chance in winning his brother with his current condition.

        He missed the sky, yet he knew that he could never return to Heaven.

        Zeus was the dominator of the sky. As long as his despicable brother existed, there would never be a place for him…

        “If I can’t turn back the clock, then I shall create my own reign!”

        With a new ambition, Poseidon took action right away. No hesitation was spotted in his gaze as if a predator had its eyes on a prey.

        “I heard that the marine creatures believe in an octopus kraken as their god,” Poseidon mumbled. It took him a while to recall its name——Cthulhu.

        “Once I take it down, I’ll become the dominator of the ocean to lead the marine creatures!”

        By tracing the elemental power, Poseidon found Cthulhu’s whereabouts very soon. To his surprise, Cthulhu was in a deep slumber who couldn’t care less of Poseidon’s hostility. Provoked by its attitude, Poseidon made a move to attack this disrespectful creature immediately.

        Boom! Poseidon shot an elemental blast with his trident at Cthulhu, who had its defending tentacle blasted into mince. Yet the breach was soon filled by countless tentacles, as if the blast was merely a scratch to it.

        The two sides were seemingly matched in strength. In fact, Cthulhu had never treated Poseidon seriously. After a chain of attacks, all Poseidon got in return was a few squirms. Even if he could injure Cthulhu, it would cover the wound up with its tentacles and let it heal.

        This unilateral challenge put Poseidon in furious rage, but he wasn’t strong enough to wipe Cthulhu out. And that was how the challenge turned into a deadlock.

        Poseidon, refusing to give up, persisted in attacking days and nights, as if he was venting the long-accumulated anger or the overwhelming power. As time went by, Cthulhu eventually spoke as it was annoyed by Poseidon’s relentless disturbance.

        “Conflict is the result of desires and the prelude of catastrophe. If you are not a fool, you shall not open the gate of death. Anguish intruder, what do you long for? I desire nothing but eternal peace.”

        “Hahaha, hilarious. If I ask you to step down from your reign, will you do as I say?” Poseidon laughed as if he had heard a ridiculous joke.

        “The throne and the title are nothing more than intangible pride to me. You can have it.” Cthulhu’s answer was unexpected.

        “AM I A JOKE TO YOU?”

        Rage erupted, Poseidon sped up to thrust with his trident, but he was much slower compared to the time before his disability. Before he could reach Cthulhu, he was caught by its tentacles. The trident was not enough to cut his way out of the restrain. Very soon, Poseidon became a prey waiting to be sliced up.

        “Hmm, you have an overwhelming power…”

        Cthulhu sensed the impressive pulsation within Poseidon. Meanwhile, his intense struggle made Cthulhu notice his crippled legs.

        “I see.” The enlightened Cthulhu squinted. “Poor god. Do you loathe those arrogant gods for abandoning you?”

        Acting out of sympathy or conspiracy, Cthulhu brought Poseidon to its cunning stare.

        “Come on. Allow me to help you——” Cthulhu squinted its eyes to spooky curves.

        “If it is a curse by fate, let me balance it with another curse.”

        As Cthulhu was done speaking, it hardened a tentacle with a sharp edge. With a blade-like tentacle, it severed another one then Poseidon’s crippled limbs. Poseidon screamed in agony, but such a torment was merely a start. Meanwhile, the ampilated tentacle was spilling ominous indigo blood, staining the water into dark ink. Next second, the ominous blood was drawn to Poseidon’s wound and diffused into him as if it had intelligence…

        Before Poseidon could figure everything out, he felt a heavy punch at his heart, stunning him into stiffness. Following the punch, a nerve-wrecking pain was sent from his lower body, which began corroding him through the blood circulation.

        “Carry my blood and you shall reign the ocean, with billows as your ride and marine creatures as your servants.”

        This was the last thing Poseidon heard before he fainted.

        Cthulhu had vanished when Poseidon woke up. After the extreme torment, he found that the power inside him stopped raging and running wild, which allowed him to master it. Just when he was excited about the positive change, something shattered his hope as he looked down——crippled limbs had become slimy intertwining tentacles that resembled the appearance of Cthulhu…


        The scream of Poseidon spread to the whole ocean once again, intimidating every marine creature. Yet this curse also made him the King of the ocean.