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        ’Dang it! Susanoo hid himself to ditch practice again!’ said Amaterasu angrily in Susanoo’s room. Kagutsuchi giggled but straightened his face as Amaterasu glared at him. ‘Let’s find him first?’ ‘Humph! There isn’t anywhere to hide. I’m a patient person.’ Amaterasu grinned. She had a thorough plan to teach her brother a lesson. Kagutsuchi sighed and thought, ‘Susanoo...Take care…’
        Meanwhile in a village near their practice field, the villagers gathered to watch a show.
        Water pillars rose among the audience, swining back and forth under the adolescent’s control. The water drifted upwards as he pointed to the sky. As he drew a circle in the air, the water concentrated into a few balls, and when he spread his palms, the water balls exploded! The audience raised their hands to shield themselves from the spray. To their surprise, the droplets seemed to freeze in mid-air! The crowd applauded excitedly.He raised his hands to gather the water into a giant liquid mass. His clapped his palms, and a water blade grew between them slowly. He leapt above the liquid mass and slashed, the water split into two parts and transformed into two dragons dancing in the air. When the adolescent snapped his fingers, they vanished into foam and drifted into the audience, who then marvelled in amazement. The foam descended onto the ground and the water blade disappeared as he flicked his hands. He bowed and ended the show in deafening applause.
        The adolescent took out a ragbag to collect tips from the audience, who filled it with coins. After the crowd scattered, he stared excitedly at the contents of the ragbag. ‘What a handsome sum of money-’ Someone tapped his shoulders from behind, he turned around and smiled. ‘…’ It was Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi! He smiled bitterly. ‘A-Amaterasu, why are you here?’ ‘Ask yourself. You promised to join practice with us.’ ‘I...Ouch!’ Amaterasu seized his ear and yelled, ‘I’m taking your ragbag away!’ 'Noo!’ Amaterasu forcefully brought him home. He looked to Kagutsuchi for help, who replied with a shrug. Their sister was not to be messed with.
        Susanoo knelt in the corner as a punishment, but he did not care. He found practice a waste of time. He would rather sneak to some village and show off his spells to earn some money. One night later, he was kneeling on the ground again. As he started to doze off, he heard Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi quarreling outside the room. He peeped through the door gap and found Tsukuyomi leaving with Izanami.
        ’What’s going on, Tsukuyomi?’ Susanoo came out and asked anxiously. ‘It’s none of your business. Get lost.’ Susanoo had never received such a cold attitude from her. He knew Amaterasu would want them stay, so he grew a water blade from his palms and pointed it at Tsukuyomi, ‘You’ve got to tell us why; otherwise no one is leaving!’ ‘Are you threatening us?’ A purple beam shot out from her forefinger and seized Susanoo’s hand. An immense force controlled his hand to slash at himself, and he barely blocked it with his other hand. However, the purple power proved to be too much, he could not hold on any longer. Luckily an orange fan snapped the purple beam and saved Susanoo.
        As Susanoo and Tsukuyomi gathered energy for another blow, Amaterasu stood between them, ‘Stop fighting,’ She looked at Susanoo, ‘ enough...Let her go…’ Although she lowered her head to hide her face, Susanoo knew she was going through devastating pain. He lowered his blade and wrapped Amaterasu in his arms while he watched Tsukuyomi follow Izanami far away. In the end Susanoo decided to leave Amaterasu. It was the only way to strengthen himself. Not knowing his reasons, Amaterasu could not bear to part with him, but his determination convinced her. On a sunny day, Susanoo bid farewell to Izanagi and Amaterasu. He set off on his journey to become a strong man capable of protecting his family.