In the night sky was a bright moon. Streets were only illuminated by the tender moonlight and light from lanterns. People had long fallen asleep; two figures were still moving on the roofs of houses — one of them was a horned youkai wearing Oriental clothing and the other was Suzuko chasing after the youkai. The youkai and other lesser youkais had been causing trouble in town. These youkais even took townspeople’s children and livestock and ate them as food, so the residents hired Suzuko to eliminate the youkais.

        The youkai suddenly turned around and conjured a gust of wind with demonic power which swept up nearby sand and together, it became a sandstorm. However, not afraid of the sandstorm, Suzuko calmly took out a number of small golden bells from her pockets, as if unaware of the grave danger.

        The storm roared as it approached and completely swallowed Suzuko. Thinking that Suzuko will surely die in the storm, the youkai laughed with her head thrown back: “Haha! Hateful Onmyōjis, you deserve this — ” Before the youkai could finish her sentence, soft yet clear sounds of tinkle rang from within the storm, rhythmically reducing the storm to nothing. Shocked, the youkai bemusedly looked at Suzuko; it had been a long time since someone survived her storm attack and without a trace of harm no less...Suzuko suddenly looked the youkai in the eye; fear of death immediately filled her. She began to run when her instinct told her to stay as far away from Suzuko as possible.

        Suzuko closely followed behind the youkai; meanwhile, the youkai was luring Suzuko to a location where her companions were waiting in ambush. However, she failed to call for assistance. Suzuko smiled and clapped her hands before a white puppy, Woofy, emerged from the dark which then sat in front of Suzuko and telepathically told her: ‘I didn’t want to waste any time, so I’ve taken care of the other youkais in the area.’ With that said, the puppy gave Suzuko the seals in its mouth, tilted its head, and asked: ‘Woof. Is there anything I can do? Anything I can do? Anything I can do?’ Suzuko patted its head and sternly said to the youkai, “Just give up. You’re wasting my time and yours.” “...Don’t underestimate me!” The youkai jumped onto the roof of a house and tried to escape again when Suzuko leisurely ordered: “Get her.” ‘Yay! I got something to do!’

        The youkai was nowhere to be seen on the eaves, but under the puppy’s guidance, Suzuko arrived at a ragged house. ‘Woof! It’s a powerful magic circle. Maybe I should...’ “No need.” Upon hearing that it had nothing to do, Woofy was bored while Suzuko raised her hand and drew a pentagram in the air. She then took out a small bell and shook it five times in the middle of the drawing; a pillar of flame burst out of the pentagram and enveloped the entire house. In a short while, the youkai could no longer stand the heat and escaped from the roof. Just as she wanted to run again, she felt a painful spasm in her leg and the pain only worsened. She looked down and saw Suzuko’s puppy biting her ankle, blood gushing out of the wound. Just then, Suzuko approached the youkai, drew a power-seal above the youkai’s chest, and drained her of her energy to move.

        After ensuring that the youkai could retaliate no more, Suzuko brought all of the youkais she had captured back to the Orient. On her way back, Suzuko incessantly lectured the malicious youkais: “Your behavior is unacceptable. My master once said: if we possess power, it is our responsibility to protect the weak. He also said that even though each individual might be of a different race, we should respect each other while living in harmony and that is what peace truly is...” It seemed that her lecture was no close to ending, so the youkais’ faces twisted in pain. They would rather die than to listen to her long-winded speech, so they looked at Woofy with begging eyes. However, the puppy nodded along to Suzuko’s speech, as if agreeing to every word from the bottom of its heart...

        To the youkais, it was a long and never-ending journey. Although they had no idea how long they had been sealed up, Suzuko never stopped lecturing them. What they could only do was pray in their hearts that they could get away from the powerful yet annoying Suzuko as soon as possible...

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