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        The vision only had a minimal effect on soothing Freyr’s weary soul. The resonance of element digged out a deep thought of his past to recreate Freyr’s profound memory and comfort his lost spirit…

        “Will Odin accept us?” Freyja leaned on her brother Freyr’s arm; her delicate face was filled with gloom. “We go to the North for fighting against the Demons, not only for joining the force of Odin,” Freyr said as he gazed at the silky ocean.

        Freyr lost in the duel with Thor. Then he was banished by Vanir, so he joined Aesir and became a part of Odin’s army. Freyr, together with his sister Freyja, then marched on the demons in alliance with the tribe.

        With their exceptional strength, both of them made triumphant history in the battle. Freyr had become a honorable model among the troops. One day, Odin came over to the base camp of Freyr to pay him a visit.

        “You never let me down, Freyr. You’re the power I need.”

        “Odin, I only fight for the North. I hope you understand.”

        “We all have the same goal here.” Odin knocked on the Armor of Runes and continued, “so I’m seeking the ancient power with valkyries. With this mightiness, we can prevail over the demons.”

        “Stop beating around the bush! What is the point of your visit, Odin? Trying to humiliate me?” Freyr mocked himself.

        “Only losers will take their anger out on someone. Freyr, you’ve been bring victory to us.” Odin stood up, “ I’ll give you the godly power. You can use it to lead us to more success in the future.”

        “I don’t need your charity,” he refused bluntly. Freyr did not care about his help, but Odin demanded absolute obedience.

        “It’s not a request, Freyr. It’s an order. Disobedience is strictly forbidden in my army.”

        Freyr’s face fell. Then, he pointed at Odin’s throat with Sword of Victory. “Odin, I’m not your soldier. Without the godly power, I can also bring victory to the North.”

        “Prove it.” Odin raised his Gungnir to strike; both weapons clashed with each other. The intense friction sparkled in the light.

        Acting cautiously, Freyr leaped backwards, walked around Odin and attempted to find his weak point.

        “His defense is perfect. I’ll surely take damage if I approach...I guess the only way to break his guard is to create a weak point for him.”

        Freyr, regardless of everything, sprinted towards him with Sword of Victory; Odin lifted the Gungnir with left hand and gave a thrust——

        Whoosh——the spearhead stabbed into Freyr’s left arm; the bone-cutting pain did not make him even scream a little. He kept on going forward until the spear pierced through his left arm.

        “Now you have nowhere to go, Odin” Breaking into a sweat, Freyr wore a smile and tried to stabbed him in the chest with his sword——

        Clash! Sword of Victory was knocked off by Odin’s mighty godly power; the weapon spinned in the air and stabbed into the ground nearby. Next second, Odin pulled the Gungnir out of Freyr’s arm; and blood was splattered like roses in full blossom.

        Freyr gritted his teeth to endure all the pain, but the excessive blood loss had drained him, getting down on one kneel. The noise of the fierce battle had attracted Freyja’s attention. She opened the curtains and saw the injured Freyr, then ran straight towards him worriedly.

        “Brother! You’re heavily bleeding...Let me heal you——”

        “Not necessary. It’s how a loser deserves.”

        “You risked losing your left arm to defeat me. Victory has driven you mad, Freyr,” said Odin.

        “To me, it’s not a sacrifice. It’s what I paid for victory,” Freyr answered.

        “But what you’ve paid is just so insignificant in front of the godly power.” Odin raised his Gungnir against Freyr. “This is your last chance. Accept the power of god and fight for more victory, or face the miserable failure and bleed out. Your choice.”

        “I——” Freyr was interrupted by Freyja at this time. She gave her a hug, with tears welling up her eyes. “Accept it, brother.”

        “Are you insulting me too? Freyja.”

        “You’re a true warrior. That’s why the power is drawn to you. This is what the element told me.”

        “Freyr, stop denying yourself.” Odin swung the spear in front of his bleeding arm. The godly power overflowed and healed his wound instantly.

        “Curing such a heavy injury in just a blink, how miraculous…” The stunned Freyr touched his left arm.

        Odin continued as he sensed Freyr’s will was wavering. “You thought you were invincible even without Sword of Victory. You challenged Thor, but the fact proves it wrong. In the face of a strong enemy, you can’t win only by counting on your will. Or lose is what you’ve been yearning for?”

        “No, I want victory. Victory makes things better.”

        “Then pay with your honour for victory,” Odin reached out.

        After a moment of hesitation, Freyr shook hands with Odin as he saw the eagerness in Freyja’s eyes. He accept the godly power and became a warrior that the demons were in dread of...