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        At an earlier time, when Sigurd’s father had gone on expedition, Sigurd kept a puppy without his father’s acknowledgement. However, his father, returned earlier than usual, discovered his puppy and demanded Sigurd get rid of it. But, he stood his ground in the face of his father’s command. Young Sigurd firmly held the puppy in his arms, standing in his father’s immense shade. As he looked up, he saw his father staring at him with a stern face. Hastily, he turned away from his father, holding the trembling puppy even closer to him.

        “Siguard, let go if it,” His callous father bellowed as he drew his sword.

        “But, I love it...”

        “This is not a justification.” With that, his father slashed out with the blade. Still holding the puppy in his arms, Sigurd leapt backward to dodge to no avail; the sword had already sliced Sigurd’s arm open, the white of the bone visible. The pain drove him to loud wails.

        “Sigurd, why are you protecting it?”

        “Because it’s my best friend, my family!”

        Sigurd’s reply stunned his father. Suddenly, the puppy leapt from Sigurd’s embrace at his father. The father swung his sword at the puppy, accompanied by a shrill scream rang out from Sigurd. The puppy was slammed onto the ground with the flat of his sword.

        “If you insist on keeping it, don’t blame me for intensifying your everyday training. As long as there is something you want to protect, acquiring power is essential.” The father took Sigurd by his unwounded arm, and brought him indoors for treatment. Sigurd was finally relieved as he saw the puppy’s chest rise and fall. “Sigurd, a hero cannot act out of self interest. You cannot make decisions based on your own likes or dislikes. In times of great difficulty, you even have to sacrifice lives for the sake of righteousness, even when it comes to family...”

        Under the teachings of his father, Sigurd grew into a fierce and tough warrior. At a young age, he had already defeated all kinds of peculiar beasts; he had led the army in resistance against invasion; he had even won a valkyrie’s heart. Sigurd inspired respect and affection among his tribespeople with his bravery, and was honored as the hero of Volsung.

        In spite of great renown, Sigurd had never considered himself powerful. All his self interest eliminated, Sigurd fought only for others; yet, as his overly strict upholding had left him scarred. He could not even love himself, let alone fighting for himself. Hence, there had always been a shadow casted over his thought: he wished to die in a war.

        Finally, Sigurd’s wish was granted. His memory was wiped the moment he took his last breath; yet, the Holy Fruit had revived him and turned him into an infant again. Though Sigurd, returned to life, was not as formidable as his past self, Sigurd still grew up a brave man. This time, he died in a passionate fight; his soul merged into fire elements, connecting him with the power of runestones.

        Sigurd had floated among the elements for a very long time before recalling memories of his previous life. He finally understood that in the past, he had lived like a shattered sword, while those occurrences in his reincarnated life was what placed him back . Originally, Sigurd planned to slumber on perpetually. However, a commanding voice suddenly drifted into his mind, channeling power into his soul at the same time.

        ‘I shall rebuild your mortal body with flesh and blood of dragons, and summon you using the treasures of Valhalla!’ An arrogant female voice spoke through Sigurd’s soul, putting him into complete trance, ‘Come back, hero of the Humans! Right the wrongs in your realm!’